Sunday, July 15, 2012

We're on a Roll

Regan, a friend of ours from Madison, moved to Denmark with her family (husband and two boys) earlier this year.  I just learned of her blog - Three Years in Denmark and was inspired by her blogging skills...she posts daily!  So thanks to Regan's inspiration, we're on a roll.  I'm on a roll.  Makes me sing the song by Over the Rhine in my head while I get my daily blog on.

Today we:

  1. walked to church
  2. felt less than an instant bond to this particular church
  3. walked to the farmers' market
  4. bought herbs (mint, lemongrass, Italian parsley, silver thyme, Italian oregano and basil) for the empty pots in our sun-drenched backyard

After this morning excursion, Lou tried to nap but was apparently too excited to sleep.  Instead of napping, we loaded up the bikes and drove to Santa Cruz.  It was chilly there (65 degrees) but we were prepared with sweatshirts, so it felt nice.  "Its beach" is a off-leash dog beach and Ries had tons of fun.  Not to mention the fun Lou had.  Well, she had fun until she had her daily poop.  Then she was uncomfortable (see picture # 3 below). Nate saved the day by biking back to the car and getting her diaper bag.  I'm still amazed at the number of places I go without the essentials: wipes, cloth diaper, diaper cover, wet bag.  Someday I'll learn.

Good news!  I'm visiting Wisconsin soon because Nate is going to China for the first time.  See some of you soon!  Even better news!  Before we go to Wisconsin, we get to see Anne and Andrew!  They are coming this weekend after a visit with Andrew's sister and her fiancé.  Louisa can't wait to re-meet those funny faces in her favorite board book.

Making Ries pose for a picture with her biggest fan

Probably saying, "doggie"
Snuggling in close post-poop
Looking for dogs

Ries gets gotten by a golden doodle


  1. Happy I could be of some inspiration!

  2. When do you come to WI? Anytime between July 26 and August 13? That's when I'll be there...hoping we might overlap! (Or did you already tell me these dates and I forgot that we don't overlap?)


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