Saturday, April 23, 2016

Progress on Center Ave (an overdue update)

While flowers are popping up in our neighbors' gardens, a front porch grew in ours! Nate asked me to order our last dumpster (fingers crossed), then started demolishing the front porch floor and eaves. Like most projects that to me seem massive, he handled it with ease, ripping off the entire deck in about 1 hour. The temporary supports, running diagonally from the front yard, were all set up when I drove by on a recent Friday, on my way home from work. All I had to do was pump up a little hydraulic can while Nate wiggled the 110 year old columns free and drilled the supports in place. He makes it all seem so straightforward and I know he has saved us oodles of money doing the work himself! The second photo shows the important slope that will help the deck last longer. We've ordered new columns - square instead of round like the original - that should give the house a true American four square feel that we've always liked.

Meanwhile, inside things are getting smooth and pretty! With the help of my generous and talented Aunt Jeanne, I've picked colors, which was probably the most fun task I've had thus far. The drywall guy says the walls should be ready for paint by April 28. Nate is eager to get to that point as well because then he can get back in an start cabinets, tile, and other finishes. We're actually getting close to living in this thing! Our deadline for moving out of our rental is end of June. Crunch time! I'll have to come back later and blog about the difficult siding decision as well as the amazing time I'm having in California while Nate does e-bike evangelism and I spend time with old friends. More to come!

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