Thursday, May 31, 2012

Home again, home again, jiggity jog

That's what my dad always used to say when we returned home. I don't remember if we had to have been gone for 1 hour or 1 week for this to be announced, but I remember it nonetheless. So it comes to mind today as we return from a week touring the United States.

First stop: California, including Cupertino, Mountain View, Sunnyvale, Campbell, San Jose, Santa Clara, Palo Alto, and Santa Cruz. Our mission in CA: find our top 3-4 neighborhoods/cities. Mission accomplished?  Yes: Willow Glen, Campbell, Palo Alto and Santa Cruz.

In the Rose Garden in San Jose
Happy Girls
"I found an airplane in Palo Alto!"
Loving her new walking skills
"I love long walks on the beach, especially with my dad"
Next stop: San Antonio, TX. Our mission: celebrate the marriage of Jessica Gertz and David Burnett and visit with Erin, Adrienne, Paul, Geneva and Brigid. BONUS: My brother Matthew drove up from Corpus Christi to hang out with us!

Beers on the River Walk with Uncle Matthew
Swimming in the hotel pool
Lou, Nate, Paul and Geneva on the River Walk
Family Picture
Last stop: Washington DC.  Our mission: to see Sarah, Dan, John Paul, Grace, Cohen and of course, my parents, but ultimately, to meet Oliver Darwin Langenkamp. This was going to be our last visit to DC before my parents move out of Quarters U in July, but little Oliver decided NOT to be born while we were there. As I write, he is 9 days past his due date and Sarah is on her way to a prenatal "induction" massage following her induction acupuncture appointment. She is learning good lessons in patience and staying so calm while she and Dan wait for the little one. SO, whenever the baby comes (Monday at the latest), Louisa and I will be making another trip to DC to meet him.

Playing catcher for the pink team
The last pregnancy picture?!
"Push the baby out, Lou!"
Louisa and her cousin Cohen
Lou, me, Grace, my mom and Cohen
Now we're back home in Madison relaxing and organizing in our home that will no longer be ours on June 6. We'll hand over the title that morning and leave for California, this time for good, on Thursday morning.  Good thing it's so easy to travel across the country these days, cause we have lots of people we'll need to visit!

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Madison, we'll miss you!

There are so many things we'll miss about Madison - it's bike-ability is one...

Friday, May 18, 2012

We've Got a Walker!

We're so proud of you, Loubear!

Monday, May 7, 2012

Combing through the Archives

Just kidding, these videos are not that old, but I did just upload them to Nate's computer so I could make space on my iPod for my new album - The Lumineers.  I heard Hey-Ho on my way to work Thursday morning and actually remembered to look them up this weekend!

While I'm here, an update on my previous post: we're selling our house.  Definitely will miss it, but better to pass it on rather than try to manage it from California.  It went on the market on Friday and we've already had 5 showings plus another scheduled for tonight.  We're optimistic that we won't have to wait too long before we see an offer!  Here is the MLS listing if you want to take a look.  Please feel free to forward to any and all!

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