Sunday, July 15, 2012

Outdoor Living in California

I think outdoor living spaces are very trendy right now no matter where you are in the country, but the concept is definitely popular here in the bay area.  Things can get pretty fancy: outdoor counches, built-in barbecues and fire la la.  I do dream of having a comfy, outdoor living room someday, but not now.  I bring it up now because I took some pictures of Lou in our favorite outdoor living space today.  Now that she learned how to crawl up on our chairs in front, she loves doing it.  I actually don't mind, because she'll sit out there for quite sometime.  Today she had an iPod to hold while she sat, but yesterday it was a book.  As some of you know, Lou is usually content as long as she's holding something (or two things) in her little paw(s).

Nate spent the morning fixing up our bikes for a ride tomorrow, so Louisa, Ries and I rode down the Los Gatos Creek Trail to the dog park this evening to test things out.  We all enjoyed the ride, although Louisa enjoyed the dog park even more.  Her favorite phrase (only phrase?) is still "hi doggie, goggie, doggie, doggie," so seeing lots of dogs running around together is really exciting for her!  Here's our set-up:

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