What's Cookin'?

I was inspired by Nate's sister, Anne, to start weekly meal planning in January 2012.  I also felt guilty suggesting meal planning to patients while not doing it myself.  In Madison, Nate's slate-sided cabinets were the perfect place for posting our "good eats." Now that we're renting, the best I can do is a tear-off pad stuck to the refrigerator.

Further inspired by a new moms' group friend who gave a talk on meal planning, I decided to start posting our weekly menus on this new page. My hope is to archive our menus so I can revisit them when I need ideas. I also want to share ideas with you, if you want them, and share good recipes, when I come across them. Maybe eventually you can share ideas with me.

I realize this brings a fair amount of accountability upon myself.  For example, I will no longer be able to serve chocolate shakes, popcorn and apples twice in one week.  Well, I could, but probably wouldn't because I would be embarrassed to post it. Here's some insight into our menus:

  • Typically, we go out to dinner once each week
  • We love leftovers and usually eat them for lunches.  If we have extra, I don't have to cook!
  • I only plan out dinner meals. Breakfast and lunch are based on what's in the fridge.  Special breakfasts on the weekends = bonus
Week of January 15
Monday: Mediterranean fried rice + onions, cucumbers, tomatoes, olives and feta + french bread

Tuesday: Chicken pot pie + roasted broccoli

Wednesday: Spaghetti with veg + pork marinara with garlic bread and green salad

Thursday: Household (we brought chicken wild rice soup)




Week of January 8
Monday: Penne pasta with veggies, marinara sauce and meatballs

Tuesday: Mapo tofu with rice and szechuan green beans

Wednesday: Eggplant/goat cheese/sun dried tomato pizza

Thursday: Cauliflower falafel with pita, tzatzkiki, cucumbers + tomatoes

Friday: Hamburgers + salad with roasted beets and butternut squash

Saturday: Stuffed poblanos with rice, chorizo and refried beans

Sunday: Grilled pork tenderloin, roasted potatoes + green salad

Week of January 1
Monday: Pressure cooker beef stew + cheese biscuits

Tuesday: Pork laab + rice + lettuce for Laab-lettuce wraps

Wednesday: Sweet potato black bean tostadas + roasted broccoli

Thursday: Italian wedding soup

Friday: Thai basil chicken + yellow curry with white rice

Saturday: Tandoori broiled chicken with balti sauce, brown rice, roasted broccoli + salad

Sunday: Roasted butternut squash soup + grilled cheese + green beans

Week of December 25
Monday: Beef brisket, twice baked potatoes, green beans, baked beans and corn bread

Tuesday: Lasagna, garlic bread and salad (Thanks Mom!)

Wednesday: Kung-Pao chicken, beef & broccoli, Szechuan green beans and rice

Thursday: Shredded chicken + black bean street tacos; leftover BBQ brisket on rolls

Friday: Becca and Bel's wedding in Ann Arbor

Saturday: Leftovers

Sunday: Stuffed carnival squash; cheese + crackers; Prosecco + chocolate chip cookies with Pat and Georgia

Week of December 18
Monday: Brisket, corn bread, green beans/brussel sprouts/broccoli

Tuesday: Pasta with veggie marinara + parmesan cheese

Wednesday: Out Salvatore's for Nate's team work party

Thursday: Household Christmas party (we hosted, serving beef chili + baked potatoes)

Friday: Corn chowder + cheese and crackers

Saturday: Out to Graze (ladies!) or Wisconsin basketball game (men + kids!)

Sunday: Appetizer dinner in the barn (thanks Mom!)

Week of December 11
Monday: Sante Fe meatloaf (in the crockpot) with chips, cilantro, salsa and sour cream

Tuesday: Peanut chicken rice bowls

Wednesday: Pressure cooker chicken + chick pea curry with rice, cilantro and plain yogurt

Thursday: Winter Block Party! We hosted and made street tacos (chicken chili verde, black beans and carnitas)

Friday: Pat's birthday party at Oma's (we brought grapefruit/almond/goat cheese/cranberry salad)

Saturday: Broiled salmon, brown rice cakes + brussel sprouts

Sunday: Leftovers

Week of December 4
Monday: Moroccan beef chili with mint cous cous, Greek yogurt and golden raisins

Tuesday: Dal + naan + green beans + brussels sprouts

Wednesday: Chicken chili verde + leftover black beans + corn tortillas

Thursday: Household (we brought cookies + spiked hot cocoa)

Friday: Chicken ramen noodle soup

Saturday: Steak, roasted potatoes, garlic knots and green salad

Sunday: Leftovers

Week of November 27
Monday: Basil-potato frittata with green salad

Tuesday: Pasta with butternut squash + kale

Wednesday: Hamburgers + sweet potato fries + salad

Thursday: Chicken pot pie + green beans

Friday: Pork tenderloin (honey-jalapeno) + quick mac & cheese + green salad + roasted butternut squash

Saturday: Black beans and rice

Sunday: Leftovers

Week of October 30
Monday: Grilled chicken, brussels sprouts and cheesy grits

Tuesday: Halloween cookout (brats + burgers...friends brought sides)

Wednesday: Chicken stir fry with rice

Thursday: Household (we brought kale salad)

Friday: Slow cooker posole with rice

Saturday: Chicken chili verde + corn tortillas, avocado, queso fresco, cilantro

Sunday: Panko-crusted tilapia and roasted broccoli

Week of October 23
Monday: Turkey-kale-feta meatloaf + smashed potatoes + green salad

Tuesday: Beef and broccoli stir fry + pot stickers

Wednesday: Black beans and rice

Thursday: Fried green tomatoes, Thai pumpkin soup, roasted brussel's sprouts and naan

Friday: MUFA playoffs (they ran out of food while we were winning the championship, so we got take out from Swad on the way home)

Saturday: Leftovers

Sunday: Pizza + green salad + roasted radishes

Week of October 15
Monday: Out to Pasqual's (thanks Mom and Dad)

Tuesday: Pizza (sun-dried tomatoes, olives, goat cheese and basil) + roasted broccoli + steamed green beans

Wednesday: Breakfast tacos + roasted potatoes

Thursday: Household potluck (we brought apple-oatmeal cookies + hot apple cider)

Friday: Chicken pot pie + roasted brussel sprouts

Saturday: Out to Lucille with Garrick and Melissa

Sunday: Shepherd's pie + roasted delicata squash

Week of October 8
Monday: Carnitas with corn tortillas, cilantro and onion + black beans, avocado, tomato, feta and shredded cheese

Tuesday: Buttercup/carnival squash soup + grilled cheese sandwiches

Wednesday: Pesto pasta with grilled chicken

Thursday: Pizza with peppers, olives and pepperoni

Friday: Beef chili in the Porcupine Mountains!

Saturday: Pasta with marinara sauce, veggies and salami in the Porcupine Mountains

Sunday: Smoothies + apples with peanut butter (after late lunch at Culver's on our drive back)

Week of October 1
Monday: Sausage & apple stuffed acorn squash

Tuesday: Pasta with Italian sausage and veggies

Wednesday: Crunchy beef tacos with refried beans, lettuce, tomato, guacamole, sour cream and cilantro + arugula/goat cheese/pepper/tomato salad

Thursday: Household (we brought pork and kale)

Friday: Kale + bacon risotto and roasted cauliflower

Saturday: Nachos with queso, ground beef and ALL the fixings!

Sunday: Hot dogs and s'mores at Dewitt's nature walk

Week of September 25
Monday: Turkey burgers + swiss chard + baked potato chips

Tuesday: Mini pizzas with pesto, pepperoni, peppers and black olives

Wednesday: Pot roast, roasted acorn squash and smashed potatoes

Thursday: Corn chowder + biscuits

Friday: Basil chicken with rice + chocolate peanut butter (birthday!) cupcakes

Saturday: Out to Swad to celebrate my 35th

Sunday: Leftover corn chowder + [new] biscuits; banana splits for dessert (Lou's choice, earned from her piano-practicing-sticker-chart)

Week of September 18
Monday: Snacks on the plane, flying back to MKE

Tuesday: Pasta with marinara, Italian sausage and veggies + arugula-lemon-parmesan salad

Wednesday: Chicken fajitas + leftover black beans

Thursday: Household (we brought feta-mint-watermelon salad + kale salad)

Friday: Belgian food at Trek's cyclo-cross event

Saturday: Burgers + arugula salad with Papa

Sunday: Asian pork + green salad + carrot-raisin slaw + rice at Oma's

Week of September 11
Monday: Pan fried salmon with jambalaya rice, corn on the cob and green salad

Tuesday: Black beans and rice

Wednesday: Ramen with chicken and all the fixings. Yum.

Thursday: Qdoba en route to Washington D.C.

Friday: Out to Due South

Saturday: Pasta with marinara, chicken sausage and veggies + arugula salad

Sunday: Out to Las Placitas

Week of August 28
Monday: Tabouleh + steak sandwiches

Tuesday: Black bean and ricotta enchiladas with leftover chili verde

Wednesday: Falafel, tabouleh, pita, olives and salad

Thursday: Oconomowoc (Salmon, BBQ ribs, grilled eggplant + kale salad)

Friday: Picnic at Olbrich Biergarten (sandwiches, veggies, olives, pickles + pretzels)

Saturday: Pudgy pies in our fire pit + s'mores (made with these? best idea ever)

Sunday: Block party! We brought a kale salad

Week of August 21
Monday: Broiled salmon + roasted potatoes

Tuesday: Baked sweet potato fries + breakfast tacos

Wednesday: Cheese ravioli with pesto + baked sweet potato fries + steamed green beans

Thursday: Cream of chicken with veggies (peppers, carrots and kale) + wild rice

Friday: Household picnic (we brought Ariyl's cookies and arugula salad)

Saturday: Oconomowoc (BBQ ribs + cowboy beans + pepper and chickpea salad)

Sunday: Grilled salmon, steak eggplant and yellow squash with bread and salad

Week of August 14
Monday: Bowtie pasta with veggie marinara sauce

Tuesday: Kale and bacon risotto with cherry tomatoes

Wednesday: Broiled salmon with avocado pesto, root vegetable soup and blueberry crumble

Thursday: Green chili with chicken, street corn salad, avocado, fresh salsa and corn tortillas

Friday: Leftovers / MUFA finals cookout

Saturday: Alicia & Nate to the Netherlands!

Sunday: Netherlands!

Week of August 7
Monday: Chicken caesar salads with grilled bread + grilled zucchini

Tuesday: Leftovers after frisbee

Wednesday: Chicken chili verde with street corn salad, black beans and corn tortillas (Thanks Mom!)

Thursday: Pizza (1 pepperoni + red pepper and 1 peach + pear + pecan + goat and ricotta cheese)

Friday: Farmer's market chili + steamed green beans + balsamic peaches roasted with pecans and goat cheese on baguette + yellow watermelon

Saturday: Leftovers

Sunday: Pizza (eggplant + tomato + goat cheese), yellow beans and green salad with tomatoes + goat cheese

Week of July 30
Monday: Potato + red pepper frittata with baked sweet potato chips and green salad

Tuesday: Grilled cheese + watermelon + black olives

Wednesday: Out to Qdoba after a family library outing

Thursday: BBQ chicken, baked beans and salad

Friday: Chicken and beef tacos + refried and pinto beans + lettuce, tomato, salsa, chips + guacamole

Saturday: Brats, sweet corn, pecan + strawberry salad and green beans

Sunday: Italian bruschetta + BLT bruschetta + french bread + sweet corn

Week of July 23
Monday: Chicken stir fry with peppers, carrots, broccoli and snow peas + rice

Tuesday: Penne with Swiss chard and butternut squash + arugula salad with tomatoes

Wednesday: Out to Hop Cat

Thursday: BLTs, sweet corn and grilled zucchini + kohlrabi

Friday: Erin & Nick's Reception (fish fry!)

Saturday: Buttermilk grilled chicken, mac & cheese, arugula salad, corn bread and grilled squash

Sunday: Grilled chicken, sweet corn, potato salad and green salad

Week of July 17
Monday: BBQ beef (from G's wedding!) on pretzel rolls + grilled Brussels sprouts + grilled kohlrabi

Tuesday: Salmon salad on romaine with chips, parmesan and tomatoes

Wednesday: Oma made fried rice. Thanks Oma!

Thursday: Nuts and cheese after frisbee

Friday: Yellow curry with peppers, broccoli, carrots and rice

Saturday: Leftovers

Sunday: Hamburgers + papaya-free green papaya salad + grilled zucchini + grilled Brussels sprouts

Week of July 10 - Somehow this week escaped my memory and my records!

Week of July 3
Monday: Pasta with Italian sausage, peppers, zucchini, yellow squash, mushrooms and marinara

Tuesday: Pressure cooker chicken chili verde, street corn salad, tortillas and refried beans

Wednesday: Picnic at the Concert on the Square: street corn salad, caprese salad, cheese curds, brie, french bread, watermelon and pumpkin chocolate chip muffins

Thursday: Chicken Caesar salad

Friday: Pasta with Italian sausage, veggies and marinara + arugula salad + Italian bread

Saturday: BBQ beef on pretzel rolls with grilled zucchini, yellow squash and kohlrabi

Sunday: Burgers + cole slaw (Thanks Kehoes!)

Week of June 26
Monday: Pork and kale over mashed potatoes + green salad

Tuesday: Sonoma chicken salad on romaine lettuce

Wednesday: Beef and broccoli stir fry with rice

Thursday: Salads and watermelon at home before biking to Roman Candle for pizza

Friday: Grilled steak with ginger/scallion salsa, glazed turnips, arugula salad and french bread

Saturday: Summer solstice pot-luck at Austin's (we brought plums, pineapple and beer)

Sunday: Grilled chicken, kale salad and roasted broccoli

Week of June 19
Monday: No memory of it!

Tuesday: Salad with grapefruit, pecans, strawberries, cucumbers and goat cheese

Wednesday: Chicken stir-fry in lettuce wraps with cellophane noodles

Thursday: Sushi at Yamazaru in Charlotte NC

Friday: Erin & Nick's rehearsal dinner at Dandelion Market

Saturday: Erin & Nick's wedding reception at RiRa Irish Pub

Sunday: Burgers, salad, roasted cauliflower and garlic fries at Oma's

Week of June 12
Monday: Out to Monsoon Siam to celebrate the closing of ALL of our permits!!

Tuesday: Penne with marinara, onions, Italian sausage, basil, tomatoes and parmesan

Wednesday: Vietnamese grilled pork and cold rice noodles

Thursday: Great Dane nachos & beer

Friday: Potluck at the park with Dorans and Meyers. We brought this quinoa tabouleh

Saturday: Tofu/broccoli/pepper/stir fry with rice before biking to Culver's for $1 hot fudge sundaes

Sunday: Grilled chicken thighs, cowboy beans and arugula salad (Father's Day in Oconomowoc)

Week of June 5
Monday: Chicken stir fry with broccoli, carrots, peppers and rice

Tuesday: Random foods thrown together for a picnic at our first summer ultimate game

Wednesday: Vietnamese grilled pork and cold rice noodles...YUM!

Thursday: Leftovers

Friday: Leftovers for Peter and me / Camping food for Nate and the girls

Saturday: Picnic in Paoli after a nice bike ride with the Mabies

Sunday: Pasta salad, green salad, cheese and sopressata

Week of May 29
Monday: Burgers, brats, baked beans, green beans and strawberry/spinach/arugula/pecan salad

Tuesday: Leftovers for the adults; picnic dinner for the kids (at Nate's last spring league game)

Wednesday: Pasta with Italian sausage, peppers, onions, basil and zucchini

Thursday: Taco salad with chicken, beans, rice, avocado, salsa, sour cream, chips and cilantro

Friday: Chicken stir fry with peppers, carrots, broccoli and rice

Saturday: Picnic on the lakefront in Chicago before the U2/Lumineers concert

Sunday: Turkey burgers and chips and salsa (frisbee picnic)

Week of May 22
Monday: Out to Pasqual's to celebrate Nate's 37th birthday with my parents and Nate's mom

Tuesday: Pasta salad (red peppers, olives, fresh mozzarella, parmesan, roasted broccoli and carrots

Wednesday: Pork tenderloin, smashed garlic potatoes and green salad

Thursday: Household (we brought beer and LaCroix)

Friday: Asian-chicken burgers on pretzel buns, asparagus, roasted potatoes and salad

Saturday: Leftovers

Sunday: Grilled chicken thighs on greens with strawberries, pecans, goat cheese and red peppers; sweet potato fries

Week of May 15
Monday: Pasta al Norma with french bread and arugula salad

Tuesday: Subway at Nate's spring league ultimate game

Wednesday: ???

Thursday: 2017 Historic Preservation Awards

Friday: MSI 60th Anniversary Open House

Saturday: Pizza and salad

Sunday: Leftovers

Week of May 8
Monday: Shredded chicken tacos, refried beans and green beans

Tuesday: Scrambled eggs, toast and bell peppers

Wednesday: Chicken stir fry with asian noodles

Thursday: Household - we brought chicken stir fry with asian noodles

Friday: Turkey burgers, split pea soup and edamame

Saturday: Family party at Nancy & Carol's - mediterranean food & birthday cake

Week of May 1
Monday: Corn chowder with crackers

Tuesday: Chicken curry with cauliflower, peas and white rice (from Slow Cooker Revolution)

Wednesday: Moroccan beef chili with chickpeas and raisins (from Slow Cooker Revolution)

Thursday: Mediterranean polenta cakes, roasted broccoli and hot dogs

Friday: Pizza party at the park for Emmett's birthday

Saturday: Leftover hot dogs, peppers, carrots and pears; cookies at the Radicals game

Sunday: Flat bread pizzas with roasted cauliflower

Week of April 24
Monday: Flat bread pizzas with salad and roasted broccoli

Tuesday: Chicken stir fry with rice

Wednesday: Girls to CA!

Thursday: Out to Senor Miguel's on Coronado

Friday: Broccoli salad, cheese & crackers, chicken salad, hummus & veggies, smoked salmon

Saturday: Birthday fiesta for Belle Mere and Louisa

Sunday: Snacks on the plane

Week of April 17

Week of April 10, 2017
Monday: Thai green curry with chicken, carrots, peppers and basil (with rice)

Tuesday: Pot roast with carrots, onions and potatoes

Wednesday: Pesto pasta with chicken, broccoli, carrots and peppers

Thursday: Chicken chili verde, black beans, tortillas and toppings

Friday: Sloppy joe's before Good Friday service

Saturday: Grilled lemon chicken, edamame salad & grilled asparagus

Sunday: Easter dinner at Oma's: pork ribs, twice baked potatoes, roasted veggies and salad

Week of April 3, 2017
Monday: Chicken and broccoli sauce with pasta & beet/arugula/chèvre salad

Tuesday: Stir fry with beef, broccoli, peppers, and carrots with rice

Wednesday: Sausage and lentil soup, bread and quinoa

Thursday: Out to The Great Dane after parent-teacher conferences

Friday: Cauliflower ravioli with pesto, arugula/beet salad

Saturday: Hamburgers, sweet potato fries, pepper with dill dip

Sunday: Out to Jalapeno Loco

Week of March 27, 2017
Monday: Out to Tex Tubb's for kids-eat-free-night

Tuesday: Roasted chicken with carrots and onion; brown rice

Wednesday: Chicken enchilada soup with tortillas

Thursday: Nate's Choice!

Friday: Lou's Choice!

Saturday: Cora's Choice!

Sunday: Peter's Choice!

Week of March 20, 2017
Monday: Shrimp fried rice with peas, carrots, green onions and cilantro

Tuesday: Take-out from Monsoon Siam for Louisa's school fundraiser

Wednesday: Tostados with refried beans and carnitas

Thursday: Household (we brought chocolate-pecan cookies)

Friday: Grilled chicken thighs on greens with blue cheese, pecans, apple and olives

Saturday: Black beans and rice

Sunday: Breakfast burritos (sweet potatoes, bacon, eggs, bell pepper, onion and cheese)

Week of March 13, 2017
Monday: Meatloaf, baked potatoes and kale salad (Thanks Marcia!)

Tuesday: Chicken and dumplings (Thanks Mom!)

Wednesday: Grilled salmon, edamame cumin salad and fried potatoes/baked potato leftovers

Thursday: Scrambled eggs, toast and roasted broccoli (with Michael's Frozen Custard for dessert)

Friday: Tomato-basil risotto with crispy baked chicken breast (with Chocolate Shoppe ice cream for dessert!)

Saturday: Kung-pow chicken and tofu-broccoli stir fry with white rice

Sunday: Hamburgers, baked sweet potato chips and green salad

Week of March 6, 2017
Monday: Grilled chicken, pita, and greek salad (olives, greek dressing, feta, tomatoes)

Tuesday: Steak fajitas with peppers, onions, tortillas and refried beans

Wednesday: Butternut squash mac & cheese, roasted broccoli and caprese salad

Thursday: Household (we brought roasted potatoes and carrots)

Friday: Thai basil chicken with red peppers and rice

Saturday: Stay-In-Date-Night: Take out from Banzo Shuk before cleaning the basement workshop together

Sunday: Mixed greens with beets, goat cheese, roasted pecans and grilled chicken

Week of February 27, 2017
Monday: Pizzas (pepper/tomato/fresh mozzarella & pear/pecan/chevre), asparagus and kale salad

Tuesday: Potato-basil frittata with roasted Brussel's sprouts

Wednesday: Pasta with pesto and veggies

Thursday: Chicken tamale pie & green salad

Friday: Asian chicken burgers, green bean salad and smashed potatoes

Saturday: Out to El Poblano

Sunday: Tomatillo chili (after cabinet install - thanks G & P!)

Week of February 20, 2017
Monday: Black bean soup and roasted broccoli

Tuesday: Dinner at Salvation Army Community Center for Lowell's Black History Month Celebration

Wednesday: Thai chicken soup & brussel's sprouts

Thursday: Household (we brought cheddar corn chowder)

Friday: Chicken pot pie with roasted broccoli

Saturday: Grilled chicken, pita, tabouleh, hummus & olives

Sunday: Leftover corn chowder & birthday cake for Toney

Week of February 13, 2017
Monday: Shepherd's pie with salad

Tuesday: Mexican egg bake with roasted cauliflower

Wednesday: Chicken tikka masala with rice

Thursday: Leftovers

Friday: Date night at Everly

Saturday: Hamburgers, roasted sweet potatoes and veggies with dill dip

Sunday: Dinner at Magic Wok after the Zor Shrine Circus

Week of February 6, 2017
Monday: Spaghetti with veggie & Italian sausage marinara

Tuesday: Grilled chicken sandwiches (roasted red peppers, greens and pesto-goat cheese) with roasted carrots, broccoli and radishes

Wednesday: Vanished!

Thursday: Household (we brought scones and flourless chocolate cake)

Friday: Baked salmon with Israeli cous cous and roasted asparagus

Saturday: Birthday celebration for Peter! Oranges, chips/salsa, cheese/crackers and 2 cakes!

Sunday: Yellow curry (pork, sweet potatoes, red pepper and carrots) with rice

Week of January 30, 2017
Monday: Fig & goat cheese brunch casserole

Tuesday: Hamburgers, fruit salad & kale salad

Wednesday: Broccoli & cheddar soup

Thursday: Chicken tamale pie & salad

Friday: Out to Atlantis Taverna with my parents

Saturday: A wonderful Mexican feast for Claude's 30th birthday

Week of January 23, 2017
Monday: Thai chicken pizza & margarita pizza with brussel's sprouts and kale/grapefruit salad

Tuesday: Leftover beans and rice with bell peppers

Wednesday: Mapo tofu, rice and Szechuan green beans

Thursday: Household potluck (we brought kale/grapefruit salad)

Friday: Cheesy grits, grilled chicken legs and brussel's sprouts

Saturday: Thai beef salad, yellow curry (green beans, sweet potato & bell peppers) with rice and chicken peanut satay

Sunday: Veggie marinara & rigatoni pasta

Week of January 16, 2017
Monday: Creamy chicken enchilada soup

Tuesday: Black bean and carnitas quesadillas with black olives

Wednesday: Bolognese lasagna, Texas toast, kale salad & steamed green beans

Thursday: Black beans and rice

Friday: Out to Next Door Brewing Company

Saturday: Thai beef salad and chicken satay

Sunday: Breakfast burritos (potatoes, eggs, bacon, cilantro, black beans and cheese)

Week of January 9, 2017
Monday: Goat cheese & brown rice cakes with pomegranate & grapefruit salad

Tuesday: Math Night at Lowell (pizza, fruit and veggies served)

Wednesday: BLTs, roasted brussels sprouts and sweet potato chips

Thursday: Household potluck: Carnitas with tortillas, onion and cilantro

Friday: Leftovers carnitas and black beans with tortillas, onion and cilantro

Saturday: Pressure cooker American Beef Stew with biscuits

Sunday: Macaroni & cheese with roasted broccoli

Week of January 2, 2017
Monday: Potato basil frittata & arugula/pomegranate/parmesan salad

Tuesday: Warmed arugula & (spelt) salad, grilled chicken and steamed green beans

Wednesday: Beef stew & no-knead bread (Thanks Marcia!)

Thursday: Butternut squash risotto, carrots, green beans, olives and brie

Friday: Pressure cooker ragu Bolognese with rotini

Saturday: Leftovers

Sunday: Taco salads with Chipotle-like chicken, avocado-poblano dressing, corn, peppers, and chips


A break from public meal planning for 20 months... 


Week of May 4, 2015
Monday: Thai spicy basil fried rice with pork

Tuesday: Creamy chicken avocado enchilada casserole (I added black beans and black olives) & roasted asparagus

Wednesday: Irish beef stew & biscuits

Thursday: Leftovers

Friday: Out to The Cremer House before the Josh Garrels concert

Saturday: Leftovers

Sunday: Pulled pork sandwiches, fruit salad and a green salad with Schlegels

Week of April 27
Monday: Calzones, roasted broccoli and salad

Tuesday: Dinner with Blomekes (BBQ pork chops, roasted asparagus & quinoa salad)

Wednesday: Margarita pizza & salad; chocolate decadence for dessert (Happy Birthday Louisa!)

Thursday: Shrimp, broccoli, carrot & pepper stir-fry with rice

Friday: I ate leftovers while the girls and Nate ate hot dogs and s'mores at their campsite!

Saturday: Chinese take-out with Van Ewyks (Thank you!)

Sunday: Small group pot-luck, we brought crock-pot chicken chili verde

Week of April 20
Monday: Penne with swiss chard & butternut squash

Tuesday: Grilled chicken, TJ's multigrain blend, roasted butternut squash

Wednesday: Chicken tacos, black beans and roasted broccoli

Thursday: Salmon cakes, sweet potato fries, salad and bread

Friday: Dinner at Apple

Saturday: Beef, mushroom and broccoli stir fry with white rice

Sunday: Small group potluck: we brought a green salad

Week of April 13
Monday: Pasta with spinach/basil pesto, chicken, peas and pine nuts. (Thank you, Heather!)

Tuesday: Leftover beans and rice

Wednesday: Turkey sandwiches, apples with peanut butter and snap pea crisps

Thursday: American ravioli & salad (Thanks Marcie!)

Friday: Hamburgers, pan-fried brussels sprouts & salad (cherry tomatoes, cucumbers, croutons, balsamic)

Saturday: SJCS Silent Auction (hors d'oeuvres)

Sunday: Small group potluck (we brought pasta for the kids)

Week of April 6
Monday: Leftovers

Tuesday: Dal makhani (from the freezer) with brown jasmine rice, kale/broccoli slaw and roasted broccoli

Wednesday: Black bean & ham soup and rice

Thursday: Leftovers

Friday: Grande Cassolette (chicken, rice, mushroom casserole) and salad (Thanks Mavis!)

Saturday: Kung pow chicken with rice; purple-frosted chocolate cupcakes for dessert (Happy Birthday Cora!)

Sunday: Leftovers

Week of March 30
Monday: Lasagna with Italian sausage and a green salad

Tuesday: Chicken salad over greens with almonds and baguette/butter

Wednesday: Leftovers

Thursday: Maunday Thursday potluck at church - we brought an asian green salad with peanut dressing

Friday: Dinner at Apple

Saturday: Boston Market chicken with stuffing, new potatoes, cinnamon apples, green beans, salad and corn bread

Sunday: Easter dinner! Ham, cheesy potatoes, roasted brussels sprouts, kale salad, bread, roasted fingerling potatoes; apple pie for dessert

Week of March 23
Monday: Out to Spoon in Tahoe City

Tuesday: Salads with grilled chicken, roasted asparagus, slivered almonds, goat cheese, blueberries, red peppers and balsamic

Wednesday: Black bean & chicken nachos with green chilis, tomatoes, sour cream, avocado & salsa

Thursday: Salads with asparagus, goat cheese, bacon, green peppers, avocado and balsamic

Friday: Homemade calzones (from the freezer) and marinara dipping sauce

Saturday: Roasted butternut squash, edamame and chicken potstickers (TJ's)

Sunday: ?

Week of March 16
Monday: Vegetable & barley soup with biscuits

Tuesday: Chicken tortilla soup with sour cream & chips; strawberries and brownies (Thanks Kily!)

Wednesday: Hot dogs (or veggie burgers) and sweet potato/beet chips

Thursday: Crustless quiche, roasted asparagus, fruit salad, dinner rolls; angel food cake with cinnamon peaches (Thanks Mary!)

Friday: Pizza & salad at Kathleen's birthday party

Saturday: Pasta with vegetable & Italian sausage marinara

Sunday: Small group potluck: we brought pulled pork sandwiches

Week of March 9
Monday: Chicken tortilla soup with avocado & cheese; tortilla chips, steamed broccoli and chocolate chip cookies (Thanks Heather!)

Tuesday: Macaroni & cheese, broccoli, brussels sprouts and black olives

Wednesday: Chicken tamale casserole

Thursday: Pub burgers, asparagus, and sweet potato chips

Friday: BBQ chicken, cheesy grits & brussels sprouts

Saturday: Pizza & kale salad; cranberry/apple pie for dessert (MOPS Dinners of 8)

Sunday: Small group potluck; we brought beef chili

Week of March 2
Monday: Butternut squash soup with croutons, cream and parsley & salad (cucumber, pepper, almonds, balsamic)

Tuesday: Bulgogi beef with peppers, broccoli and rice

Wednesday: Mapo tofu with white rice; broccoli & cauliflower

Thursday: Chicken stir-fry with broccoli, carrots and brown rice; brownies (Thanks Irena!)

Friday: Lasagna with garlic bread sticks & greek salad; peanut butter cake (Thanks Pat!)

Saturday: Leftovers

Sunday: Small group potluck (we brought garlic bread and roasted brussels sprouts)

Week of February 23
Monday: Leftovers

Tuesday: Twice-baked potatoes & salad

Wednesday: Thai basil chicken with green beans & rice

Thursday: Pulled pork sandwiches, twice-baked potatoes, and roasted asparagus

Friday: Pork and kale with mashed potatoes, applesauce and bread

Saturday: Pasta with marinara sauce (green pepper, onion & Italian sausage

Sunday: Small group potluck (we brought honey whole wheat biscuits from a recipe in Sift)

Week of February 16
Monday: Kitchen picnic: cheese & crackers, bread & olive oil, olives, pears, curried chicken salad, hummus & pita

Tuesday: White chili, greek yogurt & bread (Thanks Karen!)

Wednesday: Out to Aqui

Thursday: Red pepper ravioli with pesto cream sauce & salad

Friday: Salmon/lobster chowder, focaccia bread & roasted romanesco broccoli

Saturday: Out to Tu Mero Mole

Sunday: Small group potluck (we brought a salad with this tasty peanut dressing)

Week of February 9
Monday: Beef enchiladas, black beans & chili rellenos

Tuesday: Out to Blue Line Pizza

Wednesday: Out to East Side Eatery (I'll thank the beet salad and clam chowder for putting me into labor!)

Thursday: Hospital food! Yay...Peter is here!

Friday: Our celebration dinner at the hospital (baked tofu, potato soufflé, sautéed chard, rolls, caesar salad & cheesecake)

Saturday: Grilled dry-rub bbq chicken, cheesy grits & roasted brussels sprouts

Sunday: Crab/mango/pineapple salad

Week of February 2
Monday: Chicken pot pie with biscuits & salad (greens, cucumbers, peppers, slivered almonds)

Tuesday: Leftovers

Wednesday: Out to TGI Sushi

Thursday: Black bean soup (with lime, sour cream and cilantro) & grilled cheese sandwiches

Friday: Pasta alla norma with salad and bread

Saturday: Progressive date night at New Indian Cuisine, Original Gravity and Cream

Sunday: Small group potluck: we brought bacon and frosted heart cookies

Week of January 26
Monday: Grilled chicken thighs, pita, hummus and barley tabouleh

Tuesday: Black beans and rice with cilantro, sour cream and lime

Wednesday: Grilled chicken legs with BBQ rub, corn bread, and roasted broccoli

Thursday: Dinner at Apple

Friday: Baked potatoes with peppers/bacon/parmesan/parsley topping & sour cream; salad too

Saturday: Bulgogi beef with peppers, carrots, snow peas and rice

Sunday: Leftovers

Week of January 19
Monday: Tofu & broccoli stir-fry with rice

Tuesday: Edamame, sweet potato fries, applesauce & avocado

Wednesday: Pesto pizza with peppers, sun dried tomatoes, goat cheese, artichoke hearts and salami; with salad

Thursday: Chicken tacos & black bean/corn/cilantro/avocado/quinoa salad

Friday: Date night with Smiths at Steins Beer Garden

Saturday: Chicken stir-fry with peppers, carrots, snow peas and broccoli; with rice

Sunday: Small group: we brought French silk and lemon meringue pies

Week of January 12
Monday: Basil-potato frittata, whole wheat drop biscuits & roasted broccoli

Tuesday: Dinner at Apple

Wednesday: Chicken enchilada bake

Thursday: Desparate call to Nate: "bring dinner home from Apple! I already fed the girls and they need to go to bed ASAP" So we shared a chicken burrito and a chicken-bacon-pesto sandwich

Friday: Lasagna (ricotta instead of cottage cheese and skipped the cheddar) & salad

Saturday: Out to Aqui

Sunday: Small group potluck - we brought Creamy White Chicken Chili

Week of January 5
Monday: Chicken stir-fry with bell pepper, carrots & broccoli

Tuesday: Cheese tortellini with pesto, pineapple & yellow bell peppers

Wednesday: Dal makhani, white rice and cilantro

Thursday: Roasted green beans, thyme/parmesan roasted sweet potatoes & hamburgers (on cheese bagels?!)

Friday: Green curry with chicken, peppers, green beans & basil. Served with white rice

Saturday: Salads with grilled chicken, pecans, blueberries, peppers, goat cheese and dried cherries

Sunday: Out to Mama Mia's

Week of December 29
Monday: Sushi at Nooshi in Washington DC

Tuesday: Out to Medium Rare for Dan's birthday

Wednesday: Out to Lauriol Plaza for New Year's Eve

Thursday: Cobb salad with french bread

Friday: Out to Las Placitas

Saturday: Shepherd's pie back in Campbell

Sunday: Chicken parmesan with orecchiette pasta

Week of December 22
Monday: Chicken Marbella, green beans and wild/brown rice (Thanks Marcia!)

Tuesday: Salmon, steak, roasted sweet potatoes and roasted broccoli & salad (pomegranate seeds, cheese, walnuts)*

Wednesday: Salad and seafood chowder (Thanks Mom!)

Thursday: Turkey, mashed potatoes, Brussels sprouts, gravy, stuffing*

Friday:  Turkey soup

Saturday: Pizza at Timmermans

Sunday: Subs, kale salad, carrots, chips & salsa at Grandma Vermaire’s

Week of December 15
Monday: Dinner at Apple

Tuesday: Basil/lemongrass chicken stir fry with peppers, green beans & eggplant

Wednesday: Grilled ham & cheese sandwiches, pear, avocado and butternut squash soup

Thursday: TJ's cheese tortellini with marinara sauce & parmesan and roasted asparagus

Friday: Beef & barley stew, parmesan & black pepper biscuits and sautéed green beans

Saturday: Apple holiday party at the California Academy of Sciences - great food!

Sunday: Flight to Milwaukee and late dinner (barley, bean & chicken chili) in Madison. Thanks Marcia!

Week of December 8
Monday: Salad (greens, dried cherries, goat cheese, peppers, black olives, grilled chicken, tomatoes) and veggie quinoa

Tuesday: Black beans, whole wheat pasta, persimmon & cherry tomatoes

Wednesday: Veggie (peppers, broccoli, carrots) stir-fry with rice

Thursday: Baked potatoes with sour cream, butter & bacon/parsley/parmesan/bell pepper topping & green salad

Friday: Dinner at Tina & John's (Thank you!!)

Saturday: Ham, veggie (eggplant, zucchini, onion) & pasta gratin

Sunday: Date night at Los Altos Grill

Week of December 1
Monday: Lamb & white bean chili, egg-nog and chocolate peppermint cookies (for Christmas tree decorating night!)

Tuesday: Chicken stir-fry with peppers, broccoli & carrots; with rice

Wednesday: African Peanut Stew

Thursday: Out to Blue Line Pizza

Friday: Shepherd's Pie (with beef instead of lamb)

Saturday: Leftovers

Sunday: Small group Christmas party! We brought a green salad (greens, balsamic dressing, toasted pecans, goat cheese, peppers & dried cherries), Puppy Chow and spinach artichoke dip with veggies & crostini

Week of November 24
Monday: Out to Los Panchos

Tuesday: Out to Stone Brewing Co.

Wednesday: Roasted red pepper pasta, pizza knots & salad (greens, peppers, tomatoes, pecans and goat cheese)*

Thursday: Thanksgiving! (we brought vegan stuffing* & green bean/asparagus salad)

Friday: Grilled salmon & shrimp*; quinoa/butternut squash stuffing, salad, leftover asparagus salad, and leftover stuffing

Saturday: Driving back to Campbell - snacks on the road and leftovers at home

Sunday: Penne pasta with marinara (sausage, eggplant, onion, garlic and basil)*

Week of November 17
Monday: Chicken and squash tagine with pearled cous-cous (I skipped the olives and prunes)

Tuesday: Leftovers

Wednesday: Cheese and chicken sandwiches with tomato, salad (pecans, goat cheese, apples & cranberries) and carrot sticks

Thursday: Thai chicken pizza

Friday: Out to Five Guys

Saturday: Ladies night at Pacific Catch; Nate and the girls had grilled cheese sandwiches*

Sunday: Dinner with Hanselmans en route to San Diego: steak and veggie salads with pesto pasta

Week of November 10
Monday: Leftovers

Tuesday: Baked soy & brown sugar salmon, sautéed green beans and whole wheat fusilli pasta

Wednesday: Vietnamese chicken noodle soup with extra peppers & pea shoots

Thursday: Pumpkin pancakes, scrambled eggs & pomegranate seeds

Friday: Mapo tofu, Szechuan green beans, rice & fruit salad

Saturday: Quesadillas with steak, peppers, onions & beans

Sunday: Small group (leftovers from Chipotle catered lunch at church)

Week of November 3
Monday: Leftover chicken tikka masala & edamame

Tuesday: Leftover beans & rice, corn chowder and mac & cheese w/ peas (a smorgasbord, as my dad would say!)

Wednesday: BLT sandwiches, roasted butternut squash and roasted eggplant

Thursday: Butternut squash risotto & salad (dried blueberries, toasted pecans, apples, green pepper, balsamic)

Friday: Out to Siam Thai

Saturday: Steak fajitas

Sunday: Taco salads

Week of October 27
Monday: Hamburgers, roasted broccoli, baked sweet potato fries

Tuesday: Hearty tortellini & bean soup

Wednesday: Crock-pot pork tenderloin, caramelized butternut squash & brown rice cakes

Thursday: Chicken tikka masala, basmati rice & roasted broccoli

Friday: Pizza and salad with Harpers, Schlegels & Anne/Wren

Saturday: Red beans & rice (Nate added chicken sausage, carrots, yellow pepper, onion and pork tenderloin) with cilantro, sour cream and lime wedges

Sunday: Small group (we brought corn chowder)

Week of October 20
Monday: Pasta with pork sausage marinara

Tuesday: Out to Mo's Breakfast & Burgers

Wednesday: Eggplant Parmesan (a very good recipe despite not frying the eggplant...who knew?!)

Thursday: Chicken pot pie with salad (greens, apple, pepper, balsamic vinaigrette)

Friday: Pizza with Schlegels

Saturday: Eggplant Parmesan (yep, same recipe as Wednesday...we had all the ingredients so I made it again)

Sunday: Chicken & vegetable soup, pot roast & brown rice

Week of October 13
Monday: Pumpkin ravioli & beet/orange salad at Wine Maniacs

Tuesday: Butternut squash soup

Wednesday: BLTs and butternut squash soup

Thursday: Spicy shrimp & rice stew with french bread

Friday: Dinner at Apple

Saturday: Leftover dal makhani with basmati rice and cilantro; garlic naan

Sunday: Small group: baked potato bar & salad

Week of October 6
Monday: Butternut squash soup, applesauce, & grilled cheese sandwiches

Tuesday: Leftovers

Wednesday: Picnic dinner on the airplane (turkey sandwiches, grapes, peppers, carrots, goldfish, chocolate)

Thursday: Chili relleno casserole (with tortillas added!) & jalapeño corn bread (Thanks Mom!)

Friday: Claude & Lindsey's rehearsal dinner - Qdoba catering

Saturday: Wonderful wedding dinner featuring veggies from Anne & Dennis' CSA farm

Sunday: Wedding leftovers

Week of September 29
Monday: Thai take-out (green curry, drunken noodle, green papaya salad & pad thai); chocolate cake for birthday dessert!

Tuesday: Leftover Thai food

Wednesday: Dinner at Apple

Thursday: Mushroom, pepper, goat cheese and pepperoni pizza with spinach salad

Friday: Salmon noodle casserole & edamame

Saturday: Engagement celebration with Crapster & Margaret at L.V. Mar

Sunday: Small group potluck (we brought a salad with apples, peppers, pecans & balsamic)

Week of September 22
Monday: Chili con carne & cornbread (TJ's box mix)

Tuesday: Leftover dal makhani with basmati rice

Wednesday: Shepherd's Pie

Thursday: Dinner at Apple

Friday: Chicken tacos, green salad and refried & black beans

Saturday: Red beans and rice with carrots, peppers, onion and andouille sausage

Sunday: Small group potluck (we brought a tasty chocolate cake*)

Week of September 15
Monday: Butternut squash, Swiss chard & parmesan pasta with green salad

Tuesday: Chicken stir fry (peppers, carrots, broccoli, ginger) with lo mien noodles

Wednesday: Dal makhani with brown basmati rice and cilantro

Thursday: Garden marinara with meatballs and pasta

Friday: Sushi happy hour at Sushi Confidential (sweet potato fries, edamame, shrimp tempura roll, & California roll)

Saturday: Leftovers

Sunday: Street corn salad, grilled chicken legs and black beans

Week of September 8
Monday: Pasta alla Norma with green salad

Tuesday: Tomato soup & grilled cheese sandwiches

Wednesday: Big, tasty salads (grilled chicken, pecans, pear, tomatoes, grilled eggplant, goat cheese, romaine lettuce)

Thursday: Vietnamese summer rolls & salad (eggplant, tomatoes, pecans, goat cheese, mixed greens)

Friday: Thai basil chicken with yellow bell peppers and white rice

Saturday: Mediterranean hummus/feta dip, roasted chicken, chips/salsa, olives, raspberries & watermelon

 Sunday: Bruschetta, cheese, Mediterranean hummus/feta dip, flat bread and crostini, thai peanut quinoa salad

Week of September 1
Monday (Labor Day!): Hamburgers, corn salad, caprese salad and chips & salsa

Tuesday: Minestrone soup & grilled cheese sandwiches

Wednesday: BLT sandwiches, marinara-topped roasted eggplant and watermelon

Thursday: Chicken pot pie & salad (greens, tomatoes, goat cheese, balsamic, almonds)

Friday: Grilled chicken, veggie kabobs (pineapple/cherry tomatoes/bell peppers/red onion), sweet potato fries & quinoa salad

Saturday: Leftovers

Sunday: Beef, broccoli, eggplant & pepper stir-fry with lo mien noodles

Week of August 25
Monday: Cheddar corn chowder and ciabatta bread

Tuesday: Dinner from Apple

Wednesday: Roasted eggplant, garlic naan & caprese salad

Thursday: Leftovers

Friday: Our 7th Anniversary date night at Amber India

Saturday: Take-out deep dish pizza

Sunday: Leftovers

Week of August 18
Monday: Sushi (TGI Sushi), edamame & miso soup (TJs)

Tuesday: Chicken, pepper, green bean & basil Thai curry with rice

Wednesday: Rosemary pork kabobs, eggplant/tomato/zucchini cous-cous, green salad & fruit salad (Thanks Smiths!)

Thursday: Chicken noodle soup & chocolate decadence

Friday: Garden marinara sauce (we have tomatoes coming out of our ears!), meatballs and pasta

Saturday: Chicken tacos with pico, lettuce and black beans

Sunday: Leftovers

Week of August 11
Monday: Chicken fajitas with refried black beans, tomatoes, lettuce, avocado and salsa

Tuesday: Leftovers

Wednesday: Sweet potato/salmon cakes, green beans & cheese biscuits

Thursday: Chicken pot pie with biscuit topping

Friday: Hamburgers and hot dogs at Lou's school kick-off BBQ

Saturday: Turkey burgers, sweet potato fries & watermelon

Sunday: Grilled veggie pizza and caprese salad (Thanks Harpers!)

Week of August 4
Monday: Chicken, pepper & carrot stir-fry with rice

Tuesday: Cheese tortellini with pesto and cherry tomatoes

Wednesday: Vietnamese shrimp & quinoa salad over romaine lettuce topped with peanuts; spring rolls (TJ's)

Thursday: Edamame salad, pasta salad and watermelon

Friday: Eggplant parmesan with whole wheat penne

Saturday: Picnic with Schlegels at De Anza Park: corn salad, chipotle chicken salad, fruit salad & brownies

Sunday: Out to Alicia's Cafe

Week of July 28
Monday: BLT salad & Caprese salad

Tuesday: Chicken bolognese sauce with eggplant & peppers instead of carrots & onion, with bow-tie pasta

Wednesday: Cucumber-Potato soup & roast beef on focaccia bread (with tomatoes, cucumbers, white cheddar)

Thursday: Sonoma chicken salad, pasta salad & watermelon

Friday: Szechuan green beans, corn on the cob, roasted potatoes & grilled steak

Saturday: Out to Rock Bottom Brewing Company

Sunday: Roast beef sandwiches, guacamole and chips & strawberries/meringue/cream

Week of July 21
Monday: Smoked salmon, whole wheat fusilli pasta & yellow bell peppers

Tuesday: Red beans and rice (Zatarain's) with carrots, sausage and black beans

Wednesday: Dinner at Apple

Thursday: Grilled chicken, Szechuan green beans, rice & baked sweet potatoes

Friday: AUDL tournament in Toronto! Nate arrived first and walked to Whole Foods to buy our favorite dinner: bread, cheese, blueberries, cherries and olives

Saturday: New York French Fries & leftovers from Friday's "picnic"

Sunday: Brie & pear sandwich on raisin/walnut bread with grainy mustard and watercress. So good that I made a point to remember the combination because it would be a fun sandwich to make at home!

Week of July 14
Monday: Veggie pizza (sun dried tomatoes, bell peppers, black olives) and roasted broccoli

Tuesday: Taco salads (black bean burgers over romaine with guacamole, black olives, red peppers) and tortilla chips

Wednesday: Chinese take-out during assembly of our new Ikea wardrobe

Thursday: Aqui with Harper's pre-Campbell concert

Friday: Bagels with cream cheese, pear and pecorino cheese, blueberries, strawberries & cucumbers

Saturday: Four fancy "salsas" served on crostini or pita: 1) cucumber/feta/mint 2) bruschetta 3) BLT and 4) buffalo chicken

Sunday: Ma-Po Tofu with green beans and rice (so good and worth the extra prep time!)

Week of July 7
Monday: Pork ribs, blue cheese potato salad, deviled eggs,

Tuesday: Papa Murphy's take-and-bake pizza with salad

Wednesday: Date night at Tipsy Cow & The Old Fashioned

Thursday: Taco salad bar (Thanks Marcia!)

Friday: Mexican lasagna & salad (Thanks Mom!)

Saturday: Chicken and veggie kabobs, tabouleh, pita bread and tzatzkiki

Sunday: Back home in CA. Nate whips up a wonderful pasta sauce served over tortellini topped with arugula

Week of June 30
Monday: Playing the pregnancy card…feeling sick and uninspired at the thought of food...

Tuesday: ….still

Wednesday: …yes, still uninspired

Thursday: To Wisconsin! Leftovers in my parents' kitchen in Oconomowoc

Friday: Wonderful potluck at Doran's for a Fourth of July celebration!

Saturday: Forgot...

Sunday: Grilled chicken, baked beans, feta-avocado cole slaw & quinoa salad

Week of June 23
Monday: Dinner at Summer Splash (our church's VBS)

Tuesday: Pasta al forno

Wednesday: Dinner at Summer Splash

Thursday: Chicken enchiladas, jicama & red pepper, and barley salad

Friday: Potluck at Summer Splash (we brought stromboli)

Saturday: Lost forever, I'm afraid

Sunday: Lost!

Week of June 16
Monday: Grilled chicken, kale, onions and red peppers, tossed with whole wheat pasta, brussels sprouts and parmesan cheese

Tuesday: Cobb salad (with baked bacon and baked chicken) and pretzel rolls

Wednesday: Sweet potato and lentil curry over rice with cilantro and plain yogurt; watermelon too

Thursday: Picnic at the first Campbell concert of the summer: watermelon, sandwiches (from Apple) and popcorn

Friday: Black bean burgers, sweet potato fries (TJs), and roasted broccoli

Saturday: Pasta al forno and a triple berry creme dessert (surprisingly, the recipe is not worth sharing)

Sunday: Sweet potato fries & Greek salad (at The Garret for the World Cup) and chocolate cake (IKEA)

Week of June 9
Monday: Hamburgers, fruit salad and brown rice & broccoli salad (using this recipe for inspiration)

Tuesday: Chicken pesto thin crust pizza & mixed salad from BlueLine Pizza

Wednesday: Leftover pizza

Thursday: Pesto pasta with chicken, peas and spinach (Thanks Harpers!)

Friday: Thai take-out with Schlegels

Saturday: Cheese tortellini (TJs) with marinara sauce and spinach salad

Sunday: Out to Aqui (Me: too tired from Nate being in China to cook our planned Father's Day dinner. Nate: too tired from being in China to cook his Father's Day dinner)

Week of June 2
Monday: Grilled chicken tacos, grilled asparagus and salad

Tuesday: Sonoma chicken salad, roasted garlic bread and salad

Wednesday: Dinner at Apple

Thursday: Pork BBQ on buns with cole slaw, sautéed brussels sprouts and salad

Friday: Date night at Piperade

Saturday: Out to Joe's Crab Shack in SF with Vermaire's

Sunday: Grilled artichokes, caprese salad, grilled French bread, olives, cheese and peach/goat cheese/pecan appetizer

Week of May 26
Monday: Chicken & veggie stir fry with rice

Tuesday: Dinner from Apple

Wednesday: Veggie pizza & roasted broccoli

Thursday: Black bean soup (with sour cream, green onions and chips) with salad

Friday: Bulgogi beef with green beans, bell peppers and broccoli with rice

Saturday: Tomato-basil mozzarella sandwiches on baguette & watermelon at the San Jose Spiders game

Sunday: London broil steak, sautéed bay scallops, grilled zucchini & eggplant with sticky rice

Week of May 19
Monday: Taco-salad (mostly) plant-based style: lettuce, tortilla chips, black olives, black beans/tofu/corn, yellow peppers, cheese and creamy cilantro dressing

Tuesday: Dinner at Apple

Wednesday: Soy-brown sugar salmon, brown rice, sautéed green beans and baked eggplant

Thursday: Black beans and rice with cilantro, lime and plain yogurt

Friday: Thai-basil chicken & vietnamese summer rolls with peanut sauce

Saturday: Hobo pies over/in the camp fire (sweet potato, corn, peas, mushrooms, carrots, red pepper, ground beef or chicken sausage and garam masala)

Sunday: Carne asada burritos with all the fixings (Thanks Smiths!)

Week of May 12
Monday: Ribollita with ciabatta bread and parmesan cheese

Tuesday: Leftovers

Wednesday: Mexican egg bake with cilantro, sour cream and salsa & salad

Thursday: Thai red curry with eggplant, tofu, bell peppers and green beans & rice

Friday: Grilled chicken kabobs, barley salad and veggie kabobs (mushrooms, peppers, pineapple and onion marinated in coconut curry sauce from Thursday)

Saturday: Hard shell beef tacos with lettuce, tomato, beans and cheese

Sunday: Small group potluck BBQ: we brought drinks and barley/pomegranate salad

Week of May 5
Monday: Sweet potato & lentil curry with rice, cilantro and plain yogurt

Tuesday: Leftovers & cheese/crackers after frisbee practice

Wednesday: Grilled chicken on salad greens with pecans, bell peppers, dried cherries & goat cheese

Thursday: Take-out sushi from Sushi Confidential, edamame, miso soup and potstickers (all from TJs)

Friday: Hamburgers, roasted broccoli, salad and sweet potato chips

Saturday: Grilled buttermilk chicken, twice-baked potatoes & salad. Crustless French-silk pie for dessert

Sunday: Big dim sum lunch in SF for Mother's Day followed by tasty ice cream 

Week of April 28
Monday: Black bean and chicken tostadas and sautéed rainbow chard

Tuesday: Pepperoni & red pepper pizza with roasted asparagus and peanut butter pie

Wednesday: Chicken stir-fry with peppers, carrots, onion and mushrooms & rice

Thursday: Sweet potato salmon cakes with roasted broccoli

Friday: Out to Mango Garden

Saturday: Leftovers

Sunday: Small group potluck. We (Nate) brought something unmentionable (okay, pigs in a blanket) for the kids

Week of April 21
Monday: Tuna noodle casserole (Joy of Cooking version…no canned soup!)

Tuesday: Grilled chicken thighs, roasted brussels sprouts and quinoa

Wednesday: Pork tenderloin, veggie kabobs, and brown rice

Thursday: Butternut squash ravioli & porchini mushroom ravioli (TJs), salad and roasted broccoli

Friday: Black bean quesadillas with salsa, cilantro and sour cream, brown rice and leftover veggie kabobs

Saturday: Apple & bacon pancakes with salad (pecans, tomatoes, dried cranberries, balsamic dressing)

Sunday: Small group pot luck, we brought quinoa brussels sprout salad and oatmeal creme pies

Week of April 14
Monday: Roasted butternut squash salad with ciabatta crostini and egg salad

Tuesday: Nate picked up quesadillas, nachos and salad from Apple for a picnic dinner at frisbee try-outs

Wednesday: Cajun Red Beans and Rice (from Cook's Illustrated) with sour cream and cilantro

Thursday: Pasta salad (bell peppers, fresh mozzarella, tomatoes, salami, pasta, blanched broccoli, black olives, olive oil)

Friday: Out to Tacos Al Pastor on our way to Good Friday service

Saturday: Taco Bell on the way home from Oakland (I remember liking Taco Bell et al a lot more than I do now)

Sunday: Spicy sausages and salad (greens, peppers, carrots, craisins, apple cider vinaigrette)

Week of April 7
Monday: Leftovers

Tuesday: Breakfast burritos, roasted potatoes and salad

Wednesday: Taco salad with corn, black beans, peppers, avocado, black olives, chicken & chips (with zesty avocado dressing)

Thursday: Grilled eggplant/basil/mushroom/fresh mozzarella sandwiches on ciabatta with sweet potato fries

Friday: Pesto pizza with sun dried tomatoes, mushrooms, artichoke hearts and goat cheese with roasted broccoli; Chocolate pie for Cora's birthday dessert!

Saturday: Leftover pizza and pie

Sunday: Chicken Alfredo with grilled chicken, broccoli, peppers and peas

Week of March 31
Monday: Smoked Alaskan salmon, crackers, cheese, carrots/celery/snap peas (Thanks A&A!)

Tuesday: Stromboli pizza rolls with salad

Wednesday: Pad thai with chicken

Thursday: Nate cooked; I went out to Aqui for a MOPS mom's night out!

Friday: SBUL Team BBQ: grilled chicken, burgers and a green salad

Saturday: Mexican lasagna

Sunday: Mapo Tofu with green beans and mung bean sprouts

Week of March 24
Monday: Leftovers

Tuesday: Sweet potato salmon cakes, salad and roasted broccolini

Wednesday: Chicken and black bean toastadas, sautéed beet greens and green poblano rice

Thursday: Hot dogs, farro salad and roasted beets

Friday: Sushi from TGISushi

Saturday: Grilled NY Strip steak, leftover faro salad, mashed potatoes, grilled asparagus

Sunday: Shepherd's Pie with salad

Week of March 17
Monday: Crab cakes (from Whole Foods), roasted potatoes, salad (jicama/broccoli slaw/sesame oil dressing) and green beans

Tuesday: Thai curry with eggplant, green beans, red pepper and sweet potato on rice

Wednesday: Honey-jalapeno pork tenderloin, barley salad, grilled asparagus and cheddar biscuits

Thursday: Bow-tie pasta with eggplant/onion/basil marinara

Friday: Grilled chicken, vegetable kabobs & brown rice (Thanks Schlegels!)

Saturday: Fried rice with pork, asparagus and shredded broccoli

Sunday: Chicken enchilada casserole and Greek quinoa salad

Week of March 10
Monday: Chicken soup with salad

Tuesday: Ribollita with ciabatta bread

Wednesday: (Cora and Alicia to DC) - Out to La Loma

Thursday: Lentil curry with naan (Thanks Sarah!)

Friday: Lasagna with salad (Thanks Mom!)

Saturday: Random tasty treats from Union Market

Sunday: Back in CA - Nate made a lovely salad: greens, grilled chicken, pecans, goat cheese, asparagus, red peppers and pears with balsamic vinaigrette

Week of March 3
Monday: Leftovers with cheese & crackers; salad too

Tuesday: Cook's Illustrated Basil Chicken with rice, szechuan green beans, and salad

Wednesday: Black bean and salmon tostadas

Thursday: Grilled chicken thighs, asparagus, red peppers and French bread

Friday: Bulgogi beef with stir-fried carrots and onions; white rice

Saturday: Chicken legs, twice baked potatoes, salad and brussels sprouts

Sunday: Small group potluck (we brought cheesy mashed-potatoes…actually leftover filling from twice-baked potatoes)

Week of February 24
Monday: Carnitas with corn tortillas, cilantro and onion & roasted broccoli

Tuesday: Naan bread with dips (pesto goat cheese, grilled veggie spread and tzatziki) with Nate's homemade pickles, olives, cheese and crackers

Wednesday: Spinach/beef meatloaf, sautéed beet greens and roasted beets

Thursday: Dinner at Apple with Nate

Friday: Soy-glazed salmon, whole wheat fusili with olive oil and orange bell peppers (plain and raw)

Saturday: Pasta e fagioli soup (with turkey) and corn bread

Sunday: Cook's Illustrated deep dish pizza and salad (greens, tomatoes, peppers and goat cheese)

Week of February 17
Monday: Chicken & veggie kabobs (peppers & onions); tabbouleh, rice pilaf and tzatziki

Tuesday: Black beans and rice with cilantro, sour cream and lime

Wednesday: Pesto/sun dried tomato/artichoke heart/goat cheese pizza with sautéed green beans

Thursday: Red thai curry with monk fish, peppers, green beans, and Japanese eggplant with rice

Friday: Picnic! (baguette, blue cheese, smoked cheddar, triple cream, Sumo mandarin, pear, yogurt potato chips, mojitos, plantain chips and olives)

Saturday: Grilled chicken sandwiches with pesto goat cheese and roasted red peppers; grilled veggies and sweet potato chips; barley salad

Sunday: Small group: shredded pork tacos with all the fixings...

Week of February 10
Monday: Rick Bayless enchiladas with chicken, aged cheese, cilantro, and onion with roasted broccoli & salad

Tuesday: SF Beer Week pint at Spread before returning home for thai tofu soup

Wednesday: SF Beer Week pint at Original Gravity with a vegan (eggplant) sausage

Thursday: Spaghetti with marinara & meatballs and salad

Friday: Chicken pot pie with biscuit topping (our favorite and way easier than a crust!)

Saturday: Greens with roasted brussels sprouts, toasted pecans, red peppers, dried cherries, goat cheese and balsamic vinaigrette

Sunday: Hamburgers with sweet potato chips and roasted broccoli

Week of February 3
Monday: Green pepper & goat cheese pizza with salad

Tuesday: Dinner with Nate at Apple

Wednesday: Grilled "five alarm" chicken thighs, corn bread (TJ mix) and twice baked potatoes

Thursday: Ravioli with veggie marinara (zucchini, onion, pepper) and fresh basil

Friday: Sweet potato and lentil curry over white rice with cilantro and sour cream

Saturday: Out to Sushi Confidential

Sunday: Small group potluck: we brought green beans for the kids and quinoa salad for adults

Week of January 27
Monday: Rigatoni pasta with italian sausage and veggie marinara

Tuesday: Grilled steak and vegetables (eggplant. zucchini and peppers) with white rice

Wednesday: Green curry with pork, green pepper, green beans and Japanese eggplant

Thursday: Out to Monkey Pod Kitchen

Friday: Pupus on a Navy barge tour around Ford Island/Pearl Harbor

Saturday: Back home in CA just in time for a bowl of cereal and popcorn before bed

Sunday: Minestrone, cheese/crackers, strawberries and chicken satay (buffalo and asian)

Week of January 20
Monday: Roasted delicate squash, pecan and goat cheese salad

Tuesday: Sweet potato & salmon cakes with salad and pineapple (Thanks Abbie!)

Wednesday: Out to Aqui with Abby

Thursday: Chicken pot pie and salad

Friday: Out to BlueLine for pizza

Saturday: Beef stir fry with peppers, broccoli and carrots

Sunday: Out to Just Tacos on our first night in O'ahu

Week of January 13
Monday: Pork and kale over mashed potatoes

Tuesday: Popcorn, cheese and crackers (sick night for 2 of us!)

Wednesday: Leftovers

Thursday: Roasted chicken thighs, pesto, peppers, broccoli and pasta

Friday: Grilled pizza and salad with Harpers

Saturday: Lasagna and spaghetti at Noelle's birthday party

Sunday: Chicken sausage, salad and butternut squash/split pea curry stew

Week of January 6
Monday: Alphabet noodle chicken soup (Thanks Mom!)

Tuesday: Ginger-chicken stir-fry with peppers, broccoli, green beans and white rice

Wednesday: Take-out from Cafe 8 (a spinach/tomato pide and tabouleh salad)

Thursday: Dinner with ALL the cousins (Axel, Marin, Cora, Oliver, Louisa, Cohen): loaded salads (chicken, roasted broccoli, peppers, olives, dried cranberries, cucumber, red onion and croutons) with butternut squash soup.

Friday: Panang coconut curry with sweet potato, red pepper and green beans served with rice

Saturday: Beef chili with black beans and cannelloni beans & chips/cheese/avocado/sour cream*

Sunday: Out to Burger in Santa Cruz

Week of December 30
Monday: Out to Pacifico Cantina in DC

Tuesday: Nate's Mexican lasagna with avocado, salsa and cilantro toppings

Wednesday: Leftovers

Thursday: Out to RedRocks in DC

Friday: Chicken tortilla soup with avocado, chips, cilantro, tomatoes and cheese (Thanks Mom!)

Saturday: Shrimp w/ mango sauce, lamb roast with roasted root veggies and salad (Thanks Pattersons!)

Sunday: Labor-induction attempt #6: Italian food at Filomena Ristorante

Week of December 23
Monday: Leftovers

Tuesday: Chili with avocado, sour cream, shredded cheese and tortilla chips

Wednesday: English roast, homemade applesauce, salad and mashed potatoes

Thursday: Raclette! (cheese, broccoli, cauliflower, mushrooms, green pepper, ham, baguette and flat iron steak)

Friday: Homemade pizza and salad with Cizeks! Thanks Paul!

Saturday: Pizza and salad at the Bosscher gathering in Chicago

Sunday: Appetizers and butternut squash soup at Oma's

Week of December 16
Monday: Leftovers

Tuesday: For some reason, these food memories are lost forever...

Wednesday: ...

Thursday: ...

Friday: ...

Saturday: Subway sandwiches after the girls went to bed

Sunday: Thai tilapia over coconut lime rice with chicken/broccoli/coconut soup and beet salad*

Week of December 9
Monday: Baked chicken thighs (balsamic, olive oil, salt & pepper), roasted potatoes & brussels sprouts

Tuesday: Black beans and rice with cilantro and sour cream

Wednesday: Pesto pasta with veggies and chicken

Thursday: Chicken enchilada bake with salad

Friday: Out to Dona Maria with Schlegels

Saturday: Apple party in Santa Clara

Sunday: Corn chowder*

Week of December 2
Monday: Turkey kale stew over mashed potatoes

Tuesday: Delicata squash soup & wheat berry goat cheese cakes

Wednesday: Leftovers

Thursday: Chicken pot pie & garlic green beans

Friday: Mac & cheese with brussels sprouts

Saturday: Appetizers at Nate's work Christmas party

Sunday: Appetizers at our small group Christmas party

Week of November 25
Monday: Eggplant parmesan with pasta and greens/mushrooms/tomato salad

Tuesday: Margaritas, chips, black bean dip, hummus and guacamole

Wednesday: Turkey and dumplings (Thanks Mom!)

Thursday: Sous-vide turkey, sage stuffing, roasted sweet potatoes, grave, mashed golden potatoes, tomato/pomegranate/apple/pecan salad, parmesan biscuits and broccoli salad

Friday: Leftovers

Saturday: Leftovers

Sunday: Leftovers

Week of November 18
Monday: Spicy chicken and sweet potato stew with salad and bread

Tuesday: Chipotle corn chowder with salad and bread (Thanks Marcia!)

Wednesday: Dinner at Apple

Thursday: Date night at Lanna Thai

Friday: Hot dogs, kettle corn and hot chocolate at the SJ State vs. Navy football game

Saturday: Salmon (wild-caught, Alaskan, by A&A) with potatoes, lemon caper sauce and salad

Sunday: Out to Opa! to celebrate Cora's baptism

Week of November 11
Monday: Macaroni and cheese, baked spaghetti squash and lettuce/pomegranate/avocado/apple salad

Tuesday: Eggplant curry (TJs) over quinoa with tomato/pomegranate/persimmon salad

Wednesday: Hamburgers, sweet potato fries & spaghetti squash

Thursday: Dijon Chicken Stew with Potatoes and Kale over wild & brown rice

Friday: Pasta with fresh tomato sauce

Saturday: Lasagna, salad and fancy farmer's market bread (Thanks Megan and Ty!)

Sunday: Lasagna, salad and garlic bread at small group meeting

Week of November 4
Monday: Roasted butternut squash salad with gruyere biscuits

Tuesday: Spaghetti (Barilla Plus) with spicy sausage and pepper marinara

Wednesday: Margarita pizza, pasta y fagioli soup & butternut squash salad

Thursday: Dinner at Apple (Me at 4:45, text to Nate: we may need to come for dinner tonight)

Friday: Beef stir fry with peppers, carrots, broccoli, onions over white rice

Saturday: Sushi, edamame & seaweed salad from TGI Sushi

Sunday: Black beans and rice with avocado, cilantro and sour cream

Week of October 28
Monday: Chicken pot pie

Tuesday: Leftovers

Wednesday: Basil chicken with peppers and broccoli & rice

Thursday: Papa Murphy's pizza with Harpers before Trick-or-Treat

Friday: Out to Rudy's Can't Fail Cafe before Iron and Wine concert

Saturday: Out to Zameen: my new favorite restaurant!

Sunday: White chili with cheese, cilantro, chips and sour cream

Week of October 21
Monday: Buttermilk chicken, persimmon, tater tots, roasted eggplant and corn bread

Tuesday: Leftovers

Wednesday: Beef stir-fry with green beans, carrots, ginger and broccoli & white rice

Thursday: Penne with butternut squash, kale, broccoli and parmesan

Friday: Out to BlueLine Pizza after trick-or-treat with Schlegals!

Saturday: BBQ at Aaron's (grilled eggplant, pasta salad, olives, cheese, crackers, green salad)

Sunday: Loaded baked potatoes (broccoli, mushrooms, green onion, roasted sweet potatoes, avocado, sour cream and shredded cheese)

Week of October 14
Monday: Smoked salmon & goat cheese quiche (with kale and broccoli), salad and whole wheat french bread from TJs (not bad for TJs bread)

Tuesday: Leftovers

Wednesday: Thai red curry with sweet potato, eggplant, potato and green beans (with white rice)

Thursday: Black bean & corn soup with corn tortillas

Friday: Leftovers

Saturday: Chicken & black bean enchiladas, Spanish rice & salad

Sunday: Buttermilk chicken, garlic green beans, cornbread, and salad

Week of October 7
Monday: Spicy chicken & sweet potato stew

Tuesday: Leftovers

Wednesday: Grilled cheese sandwiches (with turkey, spinach and cheddar) and red grapes

Thursday: Pasta (fusilli) with Italian sausage, mushrooms and peppers (and sauce from our garden!)

Friday: BLTs and roasted broccoli

Saturday: Canadian Thanksgiving dinner party (Thanks Jacob and Suzie!)

Sunday: Birthday party for Pam & Brian at LG Brewing Co.

Week of September 30
Monday: Cheese & crackers, prosecco and blueberry tart

Tuesday: Fresh tomato sauce with roasted eggplant and green pepper & rigatoni

Wednesday: Stuffed poblano peppers & chicken street tacos

Thursday: Leftovers (MOPS Moms' Night Out potluck: I brought green bean salad)

Friday: Date night at Opa!

Saturday: Pizza (I've been making crusts instead of buying at TJs...way easier to role out when homemade)

Sunday: Small group meeting at Smith's: we brought apple slices...wow, pretty fancy!

Week of September 23
Monday: Corn chowder & apple cole slaw

Tuesday: Leftovers

Wednesday: Dinner at Apple

Thursday: Turkey burgers, roasted sweet potatoes & salad

Friday: Thai take-out from Thai Orchard (green curry & green papaya salad)

Saturday: Fresh tomato sauce with rigatoni

Sunday: Tomato & cheese sandwiches; flourless chocolate cake

Week of September 16
Monday: Chicken and black bean enchiladas with salad (pecan/apple/goat cheese/cranberries)

Tuesday: Baked cheese, apples, popcorn & chocolate-banana shakes

Wednesday: Pasta primavera (tomatoes, mushrooms, onions, peas, garlic, red peppers & basil)

Thursday: Thai basil chicken with red peppers and white rice 

Friday: Bulgogi beef (TJs) with fresh rice noodles & grilled red pepper and carrots

Saturday: Out to Los Gatos Brewing Company via VTA (choo choo!)

Sunday: Curried carrot & apple soup with apple cole slaw

Week of September 9
Monday: Tomato/basil/mozzarella on sour dough with watermelon and grapes

Tuesday: Penne with braised sweet potato and swiss chard

Wednesday: Overnight Mexican egg bake with black beans & red pepper. Sour cream, cilantro and salsa* on top

Thursday: Homemade pizza (even the crust and tomato sauce!) with peppers, salami, goat cheese, mushrooms and roasted red peppers & pecan/dried cranberry/apple/goat cheese salad

Friday: Out to Cafe Campbell with Oma

Saturday: BLTs on homemade bread, my first loaf of bread ever!

Sunday: Out to Tandoori Oven for fast Indian

Week of September 2
Monday: Thai lettuce wraps & chicken peanut satay*

Tuesday: Leftovers

Wednesday: Crock-pot lasagna, garlic bread & salad (Thanks MOPS ladies!)

Thursday: Dinner at Apple

Friday: Rustic tomato pie (recipe from Silver Spoon)...not very good, otherwise I'd share the recipe

Saturday: Fajita burritos with Baumans: carne asada, peppers/onions, avocado, salsa, cilantro, cheese, chips, lettuce, and chopped tomatoes

Sunday: Picnic with Crapster at Shoup Park: tomato/mozzarella, goat & blue cheese with crackers, apples, peaches, kettle corn, salami, chips & salsa, and peanut butter chocolate chip cookies

Week of August 26
Monday: Calzones (homemade tomato sauce, mushrooms, peppers, mozzarella) & salad

Tuesday: African peanut stew (with chicken instead of sweet potato and cauliflower instead of zucchini)

Wednesday: Wheat berry salad (peppers, green onions, balsamic vinaigrette, dried cranberries, cucumber)

Thursday: Cream of tomato soup, roasted eggplant & wheat berry salad

Friday: BLTs & tomato soup

Saturday: Falafel, tabbouleh, pita bread and tzatziki with Schlegals

Sunday: Leftovers

Week of August 19
Monday: Cucumber/potato soup & tomato/mozzarella salad

Tuesday: Vietnamese shrimp/quinoa salad over salad greens with avocado and purple cabbage

Wednesday: Szechuan green beans, baked tofu & tomato salad

Thursday: Leftovers & cupcakes at the last Campbell concert of the summer

Friday: Chicken and veggie stir fry with white rice*

Saturday: Mexican at Los Arcos in Santa Rosa

Sunday: Pulled pork, mashed potatoes & salad (Thanks Boozers!)

Week of August 12
Monday: Out for mushroom flat bread in Okauchee, WI

Tuesday: Chicken tikka masala with brown rice and green beans

Wednesday: Pasta with sauteed garden veggies and goat cheese*

Thursday: Chicken enchilada bake with fresh salsa and sour cream

Friday: Ribeye steak, sole, eggplant, figs, grilled bread & tomatoes

Saturday: TJ's General Tsao Chicken over white rice

Sunday: Small group potluck at Vasona Park: we brought pasta salad and bruschetta with crostini

Week of August 5
Monday: Chicken & dumplings baked with biscuits on top & tomato/mozzarella/basil salad

Tuesday: Leftovers

Wednesday: Stuffed poblano peppers, black beans and tortilla chips

Thursday: Roasted eggplant & zucchini with pesto, Asian slaw, and veggies & hummus (Thanks Abbie and Marcia)

Friday: A variety of sausages, black bean/corn salad, grilled bread, tomato/mozzarella/basil salad & chips with salsa (thanks Paul and Abbie!)

Saturday: Summer veggie lasagna, quinoa salad, potato/green bean salad (thanks Lindsay & Brigid!)

Sunday: Grilled salmon, steamed broccoli, pear/pepper salad and peaches over vanilla ice cream (Thanks Mom & Dad!)

Week of July 29
Monday: Tried out a new restaurant in Campbell: Brown Chicken Brown Cow

Tuesday: Black bean and corn soup with chips, avocado, cilantro and sour cream

Wednesday: Thai curry (chicken, red pepper, sweet potato, eggplant) with white rice

Thursday: Asian slaw with chicken, bruschetta with crostini, cheese and crackers at Campbell's concert

Friday: Awesome date night at Commonwealth in San Francisco

Saturday: Grilled steak, baked potatoes, apple/cucumber/red pepper/red onion salad & green beans

Sunday: Sonoma Chicken Salad, green bean salad, homemade salsa with chips, and cheese and crackers

Week of July 22
Monday: Szechuan green beans and baked tofu with white rice and cucumber/cilantro/lime/tomato salad

Tuesday: Fried green tomato BLT sandwiches & TJ's sweet potato fries

Wednesday: Cold cucumber soup and quinoa black bean salad

Thursday: Leftovers from last night @ Campbell's concert

Friday: Grilled chicken, quinoa/chick pea/grilled kale salad & grilled broccolini (Thanks Boozers!)

Saturday: Burgers, sweet potato fries & tater tots (WHO BOUGHT THOSE?!)

Sunday: Vietnamese at Tay Giang on the way back from Nate's tournament in SF

Week of July 15
Monday: Grilled chicken and pork kabobs, roasted potatoes, watermelon, salad (Thanks Karen!)

Tuesday: Out to Sushi Confidential with my mom and the girls

Wednesday: Chicken tikka masala, brown rice and grilled zucchini/summer squash

Thursday: Quinoa salad (red onion, balsamic dressing, grilled chicken, green pepper, cilantro, cucumber), crackers & cheese, fruit salad (blueberries, strawberries, watermelon) Picnic at Campbell concert

Friday: Rock Bottom Brewery (welcome home, Nate!)

Saturday: Date night at new Campbell restaurant: Ciano's

Sunday: Picnic at Los Gatos summer concert: fresh garden salsa with avocado, chips, cheese, crackers, turkey (for Lou), Corona, chocolate truffles

Week of July 8
Monday: Trader Joe's sweet corn and green chili tamales & Cuban-style black beans

Tuesday: Penne pasta with italian sausage & veggie sauce (I froze the extra sauce from before our trip)

Wednesday: Grilled chicken & polenta with nectarine-blackberry salsa (Thanks Harpers!)

Thursday: Shrimp-feta tabbouleh, watermelon, leftovers from lunch (Aqui's serano veggie roll-up)

Friday: My favorite salad: grilled chicken, blueberries, avocado, pecans, cucumber, carrots and balsamic

Saturday: TJ's pizza crust pizzas with the Schlegals: one with tomato/basil/mozzarella/whole wheat & the other with artichoke hearts/sun dried tomatoes/banana peppers/mozzarella & roasted broccoli

Sunday: Dinner with Suzanne: chicken/chick pea/cucumber/tomato salad, strawberries. grapes, cheese and crackers

Week of July 1
Monday: Half-priced margaritas and chicken tacos at Pasqual's

Tuesday: Chicken and veggie kabobs, french bread, salad*

Wednesday: Pulled pork sandwiches, watermelon, cole slaw, dill potato salad (Thanks Hamptons!)

Thursday: Brats, pasta salad, green salad (Thanks Evensens & Stacks!)

Friday: Grilled buttermilk chicken, grilled squash & fennel, green salad & from-scratch cornbread

Saturday: Out to Alchemy after a Madison Radicals game

Sunday: Thin crust veggie pizza, green salad and hummus/feta layer dip

Week of June 24
Monday: Leftovers

Tuesday: Penne pasta with italian sausage & veggie sauce

Wednesday: Black beans and rice

Thursday: Leftovers

Friday: Grilled chicken over salad greens with peppers, pecans, goat cheese and blueberries

Saturday: Airport food and airplane snacks on our way to Milwaukee

Sunday: Appetizers at an open house in Madison (hosted by Marcia...thanks!)

Week of June 17
Monday: Leftovers

Tuesday: Thai green curry with thai eggplant, green beans & peppers

Wednesday: Bacon, onion and kale quiche with apple/almond/pepper salad

Thursday: Chicken enchilada casserole with Mexican cheese and salsa verde

Friday: Out to Rock Bottom Brewery to celebrate Nate's successful LASIK surgery

Saturday: Steak salad and grilled peaches/balsamic/pecans/goat cheese deliciousness*

Pulled pork sandwiches, fruit salad, potato chips and strawberries/peaches/ice cream/meringue  (Thanks Schlegals!)

Week of June 10
Monday: Fish nuggets, baked brown/wild rice and stir-fried peppers & carrots

Tuesday: Lasagna (chicken sausage, zucchini and eggplant) with fresh basil and crushed red pepper

Wednesday: Dal makhani, brown basmati rice, broiled broccoli/cauliflower and tandoori roti

Thursday: Soy glazed grilled salmon with strawberry/arugula salad and herb biscuits

Friday: Mushroom-potato crema with roasted poblano peppers

Saturday: Chinese take-out: Kung-pow chicken and chicken chow mien

Father's Day with Megan and Ty: balsamic baby-back ribs, twice baked potatoes, corn on the cob and apple/avocado/almond salad

Week of June 3
Monday: Baked turkey ziti, garlic bread, green beans and caesar salad (Thanks Heather!)

Tuesday: Spinach ravioli & salad

Wednesday: Red curry with carrots, peppers and green/yellow beans

Thursday: Mexican lasagna with cilantro, avocado, sour cream and salsa

Friday: Jalapeno-honey pork tenderloin, grilled asparagus, grilled sweet potatoes and salad

Saturday: Leftovers

Burritos and tamales at Taqueria La Cabana

Week of May 27
Monday: Pizza and salads at Firestone Walker Brewery

Tuesday: Cilantro lime chicken breast with quinoa/black bean salad (Thanks Natalie!)

Wednesday: Fish nuggets, broccoli, salad and brown rice

Thursday: Basil ravioli & green beans

Friday: Beef & veggie stir fry with rice

Saturday: Leftovers

Chicken kabobs, grilled veggies (peppers, potatoes & onions), pasta salad, and chickpea salad

Week of May 20
Monday: Turkey pesto & spinach meatloaf with roasted zucchini (Thanks Heather!)

Tuesday: Pork & sweet potato chili with TJ's flax seed chips

Wednesday: Taco salad with chicken, beans, cheese, salsa, olives, tomatoes, spicy sauce & chips (Thanks Macaire!)

Thursday: Nate's birthday! Deep dish pizza from BlueLine Pizza and homemade ice cream cake

Friday: On the road to Santa Barbara...Taco Bell!?!

Saturday: Fish & Chips with Matthew

Pasta dinner out with Abby

Week of May 13
Monday: Pizza with TJ's crust, zucchini, red pepper, olives and salami

Tuesday: Curried chicken salad on herb salad mix

Wednesday: Mediterranean cheese & hummus dip with whole wheat pita

Thursday: Bow tie pasta with vegetable marinara & salad

Friday: Out for Mexican at Adelita's Taqueria

Saturday: Fancy cheesy pizza bread & drinks with the Boozers

Small group potluck with tasty smoked turkey, chicken, pasta salads, stuffing...dirt cake for dessert

Week of May 6
Monday: Pulled pork sandwiches with kale slaw, potato chips & TJ's brownies (Thanks Karen!)

Tuesday: Meatloaf (Thanks Betsy!), baked sweet potato chips & roasted broccoli

Wednesday: Chinese take-out from Taiwan Restaurant (Thanks Jacob and Suzie!)

Thursday: Dinner at Apple with my parents

Friday: Cuban food downtown San Jose

Saturday: Birthday pizza with Jacob and Charlotte

Date night at Hay Market

Week of April 29
Monday: Chicken sandwiches with avocado, Sunchips, watermelon

Tuesday: Sarah and Ollie get a taste of Apple

Wednesday: Lou and Ollie make whole-wheat pizza with mushrooms, zucchini, olives and red pepper

Thursday: Shepherd's pie and green salad

Friday: Steak salad with mushrooms (for me) or tomatoes (for Nate), carrots, blue cheese, almonds and red pepper

Saturday: Apple BBQ with Nate's co-workers (great grilled steak, chicken, potatoes, and tasty appetizers)

Small group meeting: grilled sausages, watermelon, Sunchips, & cornbread

Week of April 22
Monday: Chicken meatballs, fresh tomato sauce & pasta. Strawberries and cream for dessert (Thanks Amanda!)

Tuesday: Turkey chili with cheese and sourdough bread (Thanks Kristin!)

Wednesday: Baked mustard chicken with fennel, carrots, potatoes and onion. Chocolate chip cookies for dessert (Thanks Heather!)

Thursday: Basil and cheese ravioli with marinara sauce

Friday: Hamburgers with avocado & sweet potato tortilla chips with salsa*

Saturday: Pasta salad (pecorino cheese, orange peppers, salami, tomatoes, basil, olive oil, black pepper)*

Lou's birthday party at the park: cheese & crackers, Sunchips, strawberries, watermelon, veggies with dill dip, & ice cream cones 

Week of April 15
Monday: Grilled chicken, pitas, tzatziki, olives*

Tuesday: Chinese take-out (Thanks Marcia!)

Wednesday: New York strip steak, roast cauliflower & asparagus, green salad with balsamic dressing

Thursday: Ma Po Tofu with rice and green beans (Thanks Marcia!)

Friday: Salmon with shallot caper sauce, new potatoes, spring mix salad (Thanks Marcia!)

Saturday: Cora's first backyard BBQ at the Boozers: grilled chicken, tomato/avocado salad, quinoa, strawberry shortcake


Week of April 8
Monday: Meatloaf, mashed potatoes and sautéed asparagus (Thanks Mom!)

Tuesday: Leftovers

Wednesday: Hospital food...all the good stuff...jello, oyster crackers, cranberry juice...

Thursday: Hospital food

Friday: Celebration dinner offered to new parents - decent food, except for Nate's roast that was claiming to be rib eye or some other fancy cut of beef.

Saturday: Aqui - mexican food downtown Campbell. My first margarita in a while! (Thanks Mom!)

hmmm...I can't remember: I blame my lack of sleep

Week of April 1
Monday: Cajun red beans and rice with ham

Tuesday: Leftovers

Wednesday: Leftovers...I promise, I wasn't being lazy, we just had a lot of leftovers!

Thursday: Date Night at Tigelleria and gelato at Snake and Butterfly

Friday: Eggplant Parmesan with bow-tie pasta (you know, to induce labor...) Thanks Mom!

Saturday: Deep-dish pizza at BlueLine Pizza (Thanks Mom!)

hmmm...thinking too much about when this baby is coming - can't remember

Week of March 25 - a week for "kitchen nesting"...making doubles of the casserole-type dishes for our freezer!

Monday: Mexican lasagna with pinto beans and chicken thighs, avocado, sour cream and salsa. Jicama & yellow pepper salad too!

Tuesday: Leftovers

Wednesday: Shepherd's Pie with apple, almond and goat cheese salad

Thursday: Lasagna with spicy chicken sausage, eggplant and zucchini & salad

Friday: Strawberry, mushroom, almond and goat cheese salad with balsamic vinaigrette dressing

Saturday: Leftovers (or popcorn and cheese and crackers if you're pregnant)

Easter dinner with friends...mule deer roast (Thanks Aaron!), ham, twice-baked potatoes, asparagus and green salad (strawberries, mushrooms and apples with balsamic). Dessert: vanilla cake with ice cream and strawberries (Thanks Sarah!)

Week of March 18
Monday: Cajun red beans and rice (Cooks Illustrated's recipe)

Tuesday: Leftovers

Wednesday: Grilled NY strip steak, baked sweet & russet potatoes and brown rice

Thursday: Lemon poppyseed pancakes (Joy of Cooking recipe) with strawberry/raspberry "jelly" and bacon

Friday: Hmmm...sick week...can't remember what we ate this night.

Saturday: Corn & cheddar soup


Week of March 11
Monday: African Peanut Stew

Tuesday: Chicken sausage (TJs), roasted balsamic broccoli & sweet potato chips

Wednesday: Thai green curry with chicken, peppers, carrots and green beans with white rice

Thursday: Dinner at Apple with Nate

Friday: Leftovers from Wednesday

Saturday: Potstickers and egg rolls

2-two year old birthday parties in one day! Plenty of food to fill our stomachs.

Week of March 4
Monday: Snacks on the plane traveling back from DC

Tuesday: Crispy garlic chicken & green beans with apple/almond salad

Wednesday: Tortellini & white bean soup with bread and salad

Thursday: Leftover Kung Pow chicken from Wednesday lunch

Friday: "Food Court" dinner at San Pedro Square Market.  I had a great beef bourguignon from Sama Zama!

Saturday: Pre-baby Ladies' Night Out at Hay Market.  I had a "The Vegan" and it was fantastic!

Small group pot luck (Chinese chicken salad, rosemary pork kabobs, pasta salad & turkey roll-ups).  I made Marcia's chocolate decadence for dessert

Week of February 25
Monday: Spelt risotto with kale; corn bread

Tuesday: Hamburgers with roasted broccoli and kale chips

Wednesday: Pasta with eggplant & chicken sausage marinara

Thursday: Alicia and Louisa to DC...leftover Mexican food upon arrival

Friday: Zaytinya small plates after our visit to the National Building Museum

Saturday: Homemade pizza after oysters out in DC to celebrate JP's 32nd birthday

Kale salad and lentil soup at Zest - welcoming Dan home from Turkey

Week of February 18
Monday: Antipasto plate at Sapori (Coronado, CA)

Tuesday: Paella, salad, & garlic bread at Grandma Joanie's (Escondido, CA)

Wednesday: Back home in Campbell! Managed to scrounge ingredients for this tasty chicken soup!

Thursday: Dinner at Apple, since Nate had to work extra-late

Friday: Bulgogi beef, rice and stir fried veggies (bell peppers, cauliflower, broccoli and carrots)

Saturday: Fried rice (with leftovers from Friday night) and bread/olive oil from TJs

Sunday: Greek lasagna (thanks Karen!) and apple/pear/almond/red pepper salad

Week of February 11
Monday: Leftovers

Tuesday: Pot stickers (TJs), edamame, & sauteed brussels sprouts

Wednesday: Chicken tacos with salad and black beans

Thursday: Thai dinner out for Valentine's Day

Friday: Fried chicken, mashed potatoes, cole slaw & biscuits at Jenny's (La Mesa, CA)

Saturday: Sushi at La Valencia's outdoor patio (La Jolla, CA)

Sunday: Mexican at Miguel's Cocina (Coronado, CA)

Week of February 4
Monday: Chicken stir fry (broccoli, red & orange pepper, carrots) with rice

Tuesday: Basil chicken with fresh rice noodles

Wednesday: Dal mahkani & gobhi alu with brown rice

Thursday: Pesto/goat cheese/sundried tomato/bell pepper pizza with pear, avocado and almond salad

Friday: Hamburgers with avocado on texas toast with chili/cheese dip & tortilla chips

Saturday: Spaghetti with marinara sauce and garlic bread

Sunday: Chicken chili, pulled pork sandwiches and strawberries at small group

Week of January 28
Monday: Leftovers

Tuesday: Pizza from The Spot, green salad and fruit salad with the Vermaire family for Jon's birthday (Thanks Heidi!)

Wednesday: Quinoa stew (with a small mule deer roast substituted for the word "vegetarian")

Thursday: Vietnamese shrimp and quinoa salad (last week I was on a legume kick, now it's quinoa)

Friday: Out with friends at Original Gravity Public House

Saturday: Leftovers

Sunday: Chicken enchilada bake and spinach artichoke dip w/ veggies (Thanks Heather!)

Week of January 21
Monday: Leftovers

Tuesday: New York Strip Steak, brussels sprouts, roasted fingerling potatoes*

Wednesday: Vegetable lentil soup (with extra thyme, smoked paprika & pepper) with black pepper parmesan drop biscuits

Thursday: Black bean & sweet potato enchiladas (sauce from TJ's) with jicama, avocado, bell pepper salad

Friday: Leftovers

Saturday: Grilled pork tenderloin, butternut squash and rainbow chard pasta & salad. Strawberry shortcake for dessert (*delicious, homemade shortcakes)

Sunday: More leftovers! Apparently I made a lot of lentil soup and enchiladas :)  Nate wasn't so sure that he appreciated the legume theme

Week of January 14
Monday: Cedar plank salmon, roasted potatoes & thai slaw salad

Tuesday: Chinese fried noodles with chicken, red peppers and snow peas*

Wednesday: Crock-pot chicken and sweet potato curry

Thursday: Dinner at Apple with Nate

Friday: Green chili tamales (TJs) and pressure cooker black beans

Saturday: Chicken pot pie, green beans and jicama-pomogranate-parmesan salad with homemade coffee ice cream for dessert

Sunday: Lasagna, focaccia & salad with lemon tart for dessert at our small group book discussion

Week of January 7
Monday: Tabouli salad with tzatziki dressing and pepperoni pizza (Annie's brand...Nate was not a fan)

Tuesday: Beef and broccoli with rice

Wednesday: Lemon-thyme chicken legs, steamed green beans & mac & cheese (Thanks Edith!)

Thursday: Curried butternut squash soup, baguette & cheese

Friday: Out for happy hour at Firehouse No. 1

Saturday: Chicken nachos (black beans, jalapeño, cheese, guacamole, cilantro, salsa) with Kate and Warren

Sunday: Porcupine meatballs, mashed potatoes & broccoli (Thanks Scott and Rachel!)

Week of December 30
Monday: YUM! Party at Hampton's: shrimp, wings, summer rolls, bacon-wrapped stuffed-jalapenos, cheese plate, molasses cake, veggies and dip, and turkey meatballs

Tuesday: Happy New Year! We arrived home at half-time of the Rose Bowl and ate leftovers

Wednesday: Tortilla Soup with chicken, yellow pepper, carrots and celery added...great for a bag mix!  By the way, who knew you could buy food on Amazon?  I didn't, just put the link so you could see what brand it was.

Thursday: Fusilli pasta with Trader Joe's tomato-basil marinara. For health's sake, I added onion, broccoli stems, carrots and orange pepper.

Friday: Grilled chicken thighs, tabouli, pita, hummus, tzatziki, olives, red onion and cucumber

Saturday: Leftovers

Sunday: Grilled steak & chicken, roasted potatoes, spinach/avocado/strawberry salad (Thanks Suzanne and Brad!). Lemon sorbet, made from lemons on our tree, for dessert!

Week of December 24
Monday: Turkey soup, roasted butternut squash, salad and baguettes

Tuesday: Twice baked potatoes, French dip sandwiches & green beans

Wednesday: Wild-caught Alaskan Salmonroasted sweet potatoes, salad & cheddar-garlic biscuits (Thanks for the salmon, Anne and Andrew!)

Thursday: Lobster tail, steak, green beans and twice baked potatoes

Friday: Lasagna, salad and bread with the Bosscher clan at Timmermans house (Thanks Aunt Barb!)

Saturday: Chinese take-out with the Bosscher clan at Trinity Christian College

Sunday: Too full from lunch at Cempazuchi in Milwaukee!

Week of December 17
Monday: Sea scallopstwice-baked sweet potatoes (I used less sugar and cream cheese instead of butter) and roasted brussels sprouts

Tuesday: Black beans and rice (a really good batch despite the lack of toppings)

Wednesday: Chicken pot pie with biscuit topping & sautéed zucchini with slivered almonds

Thursday: Apple party at our house

Friday: Leftovers from the party

Saturday: Mmmmm...fast food burritos at the Denver airport

Sunday: Tortilla chicken soup with all the fixings (Thanks Nancy and Jeanne!)

Week of December 10
Monday: Burgers with avocado and pasta salad (Thanks Kate and Warren!)

Tuesday: Eggplant, zucchini and pork sausage lasagna (2 weeks ago, I made two and froze this one)

Wednesday: Trader Joe's dal makahni with jasmine rice

Thursday: Better minestrone, french bread

Friday: Out for Thai food at Thai Orchid

Saturday: Pizza and salad with Brad, Karen, Hayden, Elliot and Ezra

Sunday: Small group Christmas party.  We brought Thai chicken dip, fruit salad, shortbread stars & scotcheroos

Week of December 3
Monday: Parmesan baked chicken, steamed broccoli, quinoa & fruit salad (Thanks Heidi and Lori!)

Tuesday: Guinness beef stew & cheddar chive biscuits

Wednesday: Fusili pasta & marinara (jarred) with added bell peppers and zucchini

Thursday: Leftovers

Friday: Leftovers

Saturday: Christmas party at Kate & Warren's (Nate made potato salad and buffalo chicken satay)

Sunday: Pesto grilled chicken sandwichesroasted sweet potatoes & sautéed asparagus

Week of November 26
Monday: Turkey soup leftovers with sweet potato frites (Trader Joe's)

Tuesday: Eggplant, zucchini and pork sausage lasagna, kale chips and salad

Wednesday: Chicken stir-fry with yellow pepper, broccoli and carrots (with white rice)

Thursday: Lemon and chive chicken with broccoli & baked brown rice

Friday: Take-out sushi from Sato

Saturday: Apple holiday party at the Exploratorium in San Francisco

Sunday: Small group, pot-luck style. We're bringing taco dip...

Week of November 19
Monday: Broccoli cheddar soup, salad & biscuits

Tuesday: BYOB(bottle) at an Italian restaurant between Campbell and Sonoma...perfect after our vineyard tours

Wednesday: Small plates at The Table in Willow Glen

Thursday: Grilled turkey, roasted Brussels sprouts, cranberry sauce, mashed potatoes, gravy, dressingsweet potatoespumpkin pieFrench silk pie.  The hit of the night was the stuffing/dressing...Nice work Nate!

Friday: Turkey soup in the crock pot...yum

Saturday: Leftovers

Sunday: Supreme pizza, Christmas music and Christmas tree trimmings!

Week of November 12
Monday: Mexican Holiday soup with avocado, cilantro and sour cream (thanks Marcia!)

Tuesday: Honey jalapeno pork tenderloin, baked potatoes, salad, applesauce

Wednesday: Minestrone pot pie & applesauce (thanks Marcia!)

Thursday: Dinner at Apple with Nate

Friday: Date night at Viva

Saturday: Leftovers

Sunday: Lasagna, salad and garlic bread at our new small group

Week of November 5
Monday: Pork and kale served over mashed potatoes

Tuesday: Chicken tacos with black beans, guacamole, and salsa

Wednesday: Leftovers from Monday

Thursday: Coconut lime noodle soup and fried rice (leftover cold rice from Sunday)

Friday: I don't remember!

Saturday: Leftovers

Sunday: BBQ chicken thighs, brussels sprouts, salad with homemade croutons

Week of October 29
Monday: Penne with braised squash and rainbow chard (awesome even without tofu)

Tuesday: Chili served over baked potatoes, with cheese and greek yogurt

Wednesday: Papa Murphy's pizza with salad (pre-Trick-or-Treat!)

Thursday: Chicken stir-fry with broccoli, snow peas, carrots and chard stems

Friday: Out for dinner at Liquid Bread in downtown Campbell

Saturday: Whole Foods picnic downtown SF (cheese, baguette, fruit, olives, sparkling water...YUM)

Sunday: Grilled salmon, pork chops, skewered veggies, brown rice and apple crisp

Week of October 15
Monday: Hearty tortellini pasta e fagioli soup, crostini w/ goat cheese, raw veggies w/ spinach dip

Tuesday: Pasta salad (penne, sopressata, peppers, green onions, mozzarella, parmesan and balsamic)

Wednesday: Thai green curry with chicken & peppers with rice

Thursday: Grilled vegetable sandwiches with fresh mozzarella & sweet potato chips

Friday: Nate was on his own all weekend...Louisa and I took off for Wisconsin on Friday morning!

Week of October 8
Monday: Grilled lemongrass chicken thighs, fried polenta, grilled green beans & bell peppers*

Tuesday: Leftovers

Wednesday: Pesto chicken sausage (Trader Joe's) with pear, goat cheese and pecan salad

Thursday: Shepherd's pie with salad (romaine, bell peppers, carrots) and apple pie

Friday: Out for Ethiopian food at Zeni

Saturday: Breakfast: oatmeal with apples, brown sugar & cinnamon / Dinner: Pork roast with carrots and mashed potatoes*

Sunday: Breakfast: pumpkin muffins* / Dinner: Hamburgers, broccoli salad, potato chips (picnic potluck with friends)


  1. Thanks for all of the meal ideas. We now do our weekly meal planning, inspired by your meal board :) I guess I should thank Anne for that. Our meals this week include: Philly Cheese Steaks, Chili, Cobb Salad, and tacos. Thanks again and we look forward to stealing some ideas.

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