Friday, July 20, 2012

Blue skies for me, blue skies for Lou

Not too much to say, but lots of cute pictures to share.  Yesterday I potted our herbs while Louisa napped and today we met some friends at the outdoor concert downtown Campbell.  Have I mentioned how much I love Campbell?  We can walk or bike everywhere we need to go and it's such a happening place.  People around here talk about how much they love Campbell too. They mostly talk about it's centrality...close to the mountains, the beach, and the city.  Today someone also boasted that it's reasonably priced (housing-wise) compared to the surrounding areas. Relatively speaking, I suppose that's true. And Nate just reminded me that we will probably never live somewhere with nicer weather than this.  I'm not very interested in finding a job these days and I blame the weather for that.  Maybe if it rains...

So anyway, the photos.  Our toddler-friendly herb garden:

Louisa loves to hang out on the back patio, so today while she explored, I snapped some pictures.  A few of my favorites:

Sing it, Louisa!
And finally, fun at the concert:

Hannah and Kate (Nate's co-worker's daughter and wife, also from WI)

Jacob, one of Lou's older boyfriends

Jacob and Heather

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