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Over the past year I've been sewing flannel & terry cloth burp cloths for expectant friends. A few of the recipients have asked if I sell them on Etsy, so I decided to give it a shot. I don't expect to sell loads to strangers, but it will be fun to answer Yes! I do sell them on Etsy!

My shop is called byABosscher and while I still have some research to do to make it "just right," it's open for business now. Here is a photo of the first items stocked and ready to ship:

***Update 10/27/14

This is fun! Because I've kept my revenue/popularity expectations low, I'm excited to announce that I've sold 10 sets of burp cloths since opening on October 3. Etsy makes it easy to manage orders and money and I still get a feeling of exhilaration when I see an email that starts out "Congratulations on your Etsy sale of 1 item to..." It actually reminds me of the feeling I got when I saw an email from Nate when we first started "talking" (before dating). Is that weird?

My main advertising is done on Facebook, so of course I'm posting photos of all the sets there, but I also want to keep the photos on this page as well so I don't forget about my favorite flannels over time.

I've ordered 100 poly-bags (as they're called in the Ebay & Etsy world), but only after long deliberation. I really don't think plastic bags go with my image, but so far I've been wrapping the burp  cloths in a clear plastic bags first (in case the package gets wet) before wrapping in brown paper. So my compromise is to spend a bit extra on recycled/recyclable poly bags from EcoEnclose. That way I won't have to double up on wrapping materials or feel compelled to pay $0.10 for a brown paper bag every time I go to the grocery store. Next step: create and buy return address labels with my logo!

I've also been thinking about if I want to expand my product line. Nate suggested personalized (or not) Christmas stockings, but that's too "holiday-rush" for me. A friend asked if I've considered nursing pads, but reusable ones were too bulky and not reliable when I was nursing babies. I'm thinking baby bloomers or appliqué onesies? We'll see. If you have ideas, let me know!

***Update 12/17/14

Another new set added today! I was going for baby-boy-inspired, but Nate says they're still very gender neutral. That's fine! Cater to a larger audience, right? Here they are:

***Update 1/12/17

Burp clothes are back! Check out these new sets. Available on Etsy ASAP!


  1. SNAP! I looove these. Counting from the top- Alicia made me set #3 and I use them everyday. They are so unique. Have you decided to give each set a name?


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