Sunday, January 7, 2018

Ready? Set. Create!

A few months before Christmas I decided that we were ready to start transforming another section of the attic into useful space. For more than just storage or sewing, that is. We kept our IKEA kitchen island that we bought in California. It served us well there, filling up lots of dead space in our oversized kitchen in Campbell. It has even earned it's keep as the perfect wrapping table here in our attic. Between last Christmas and this one, however, it started to acquire stuff. That's probably what prompted my motivation to transform.

What is it now, you ask? An awesome craft center. The girls may not have received the drums, American Girl dolls and horses that they asked for, but I think they're pretty excited about their new space. A few hints to gift giving aunts filled the little bins and back shelves quickly.

Another sweet part of the whole project was the Friday in mid-December when the kids didn't have school. We trekked down to IKEA, only after checking IKEA's website for height restrictions for Smaland. All three kids were in the zone of acceptable and now that Peter is mostly potty trained, it meant 1.5 hours of free shopping time for me! They had fun in Smaland and I had even more fun shopping for the accessories. I may not long for IKEA furniture at this point in my life, but they had some useful things to keep us organized. Well, at least me. We'll have to see if the set up keeps Lou and Cora organized. Next I think I need a clothesline for them to hang all their creations!

p.s. No, it doesn't always look this clean. I had to clean up for the photos :)

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