Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Snow, I Dare You

You know that moment in the morning, when your eyes are still closed, and you transition from dream land to reality? For the past 8 mornings, in that moment, I've had to remember that Donald Trump really did win the presidential election. Since Monday morning though, that sinking feeling has been balanced by a happy realization: WE HAVE A GARAGE!

There are so many reasons this makes me happy, but one is that I can join Louisa and Cora in their excitement for the first snowfall. Cora has been talking about how excited she is for snow since last winter's snow melted. And whenever she talked about it, I wanted to move back to California. But our new garage has changed that longing. It's like a good pair of waterproof boots and Smartwool socks. With the right equipment, winter feels less daunting, and actually a little bit fun.

So bring it on, Wisconsin weather. After Nate puts the shingles on the roof on the new garage this weekend, snow all you want!

THANK YOU to the stars of the show: Nate, Dad, Tony, Travis, Erik, Aaron and Garrick

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