Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Clip clip here, snip snip there

I knew as soon as I got excited about my daily blogging that I would stop.  So, sorry about that.  It's probably better this way though, right?  Daily posts means too much for you to read.

Today was a productive day.  Ries got a snazzy new haircut which means I found a groomer that I like.  And the whole shebang costs only $10 more than it did in Madison.  Not bad.

I also went running with Louisa, which felt great.  I've been making excuses, but I really need to get back at it.  I feel good when I run and more importantly, I feel good after I run.  And we're training for a 9K in mid-September.  Yep, we're training.  It's a women's-only race that has a stroller division, so Louisa is an integral part of the training.  Abbie is flying out with her stroller and Mr. Max to run with us!

After the run, we had a nice lunch play-date with some more new friends - Karen and her 3 kids (almost 5, almost 3, and almost 1), Shelly and her daughter (16 months) and Jen and her kids (almost 3 and 3 months).  Very fun.  I met Karen at the church where her husband preaches: San Jose CRC.  We look forward to going back to this church soon!  I thought about bringing my camera so I'd have something for my post tonight, but wanted to make a good impression :)  So the photos above will have to do.

Tonight after Louisa went to bed, I finished her curtains.  Because she's sleeping, I didn't hang them yet, but here is a sneak preview:

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