Friday, July 13, 2012

To good, long naps!

Louisa gave me one of the best gifts today: a 3.5 hour nap in the middle of the day.  The funny thing is, I am just now sitting down to sketch out plans for her black-out curtains.  It's interesting how quickly babies change their routines and how we parents like to pretend we know why they change.  For instance, earlier this year I decided that Lou's room needed to be darker in order for her to sleep well.  I made black-out curtains, hung them in her room, and - poof! - she started taking longer naps and sleeping in later each morning.  So sure, I say it was the curtains, but really it could have been a coincidence.  BUT, coincidence or not, I'm making more curtains (the old ones are too small).  I'm excited to make more because the first time around I didn't understand the directions perfectly.

On a totally separate note, please send your congratulatory remarks at your convenience: I passed my California driving (written) test today!  I was pretty proud of my ability to entertain Louisa while taking a somewhat challenging multiple choice exam.  Thirty-six questions long and you can get up to six wrong before you have to retake the test.  I got three wrong, including the question about the legal alcohol limit.  Who keeps that information in their head?!  Lou and I also successfully removed our Bucky Badger plates (tear, sniff) and attached the new California plates.  No wonder she napped so well!

Every blog post needs some pictures, so here are two from today.  We walked to the farmers' market and bought these delicious berries.  Tasty!


  1. Alicia,

    Wishing we had a good market we could walk to like that! What town are you living in? It sounds so nice so far. I understand the missing Wisconsin and being sad to have visitors leave. I get a bummed out feeling every time we look at pictures of our lives in Wisconsin!

  2. aCongratulations on passing the drivers' test! Did they give you the "what to do in fog" question? Glad Lou hasn't given up completely on long, lovely naps! Hope you're keeping those Wisconsin plates. They might come in handy in the future :)

  3. Those berries are killing me! But good work on the drivers test and thanks for the posts lately:) Seems like you're really getting the most out of your new town!


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