Thursday, July 26, 2012

All of the Raindrops

Louisa and I like to think that we brought the rain.  Of course, usually when you visit someone, they want you to bring sunshine, but everyone needs rain so much right now that we're happy with our choice of hostess gift.  And as for the rain spoiling our fun, it hasn't.  We're in Oconomowoc and mostly when it's not raining, it's been too hot to be outside, so rain is great!  It's been a nice visit, with plenty of time for long afternoon naps, visits with friends and evening baths.  Sarah and Oliver are here too.  These are the kind of visits that are oh-so-memorable.

Meanwhile, Nate is trekking around China for work.  The thirteen hour time difference is easy to figure out, so we've been able to use Facetime to talk.  Loubear digs that. Well, until she accidentally hangs up on Nate because she needs to be holding the iPod. Using the laptop is better, so we'll make sure to have it charged up from now on.  I'm glad we didn't decide to stay in California while he was gone.  It would have been long and lonely, I'm afraid.

On another note, I think you'll be glad to see that I finally updated our blog header.  We no longer live on an isthmus.  I thought about re-naming the blog Three Valley Girls and a MacDaddy, but I didn't get a chance to approve that with Nate before the big edit last night.  Actually, that is not true...I just thought of that title now.  If you have a good idea, leave a comment!

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  1. I like 3 Valley Girls and a MacDaddy! Life in the Valley works too. I'll keep thinking! Glad you're enjoying your time in WI!


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