Friday, July 13, 2012

A Museum & New Friends

We had a lovely outing today with two new friends.  We went to the San Jose Children's Museum with Heather and her son Jacob.  Marcia befriended Heather and her family at a outdoor concert in downtown Campbell last week and we've since met up three more times!   Jacob just turned two in May, so he and Lou are just about a year apart.  Heather also has a 9 week old baby that she was able to leave at home with her husband who works from home on Fridays.  On our drive to and from the museum, Heather filled me in on her favorite restaurants, nail salons and hair salons.  When the time comes for a haircut or that all-important pedicure, I'll know right where to go!  Heather likes Nail Spa by Tammy in part because they give you trail mix and tea during your pedicure.  Sounds awesome.

While I was typing the paragraph above, I was watching Lou through the window while she sat outside on the front porch.  Our neighbor and her son walked by so I hurried out to make sure that she, the neighbor, knew that Lou was not left alone.  I invited her in and then she invited us on a walk.  So another friend for me and another older boyfriend for Louisa!  Giddeon, Alisa's son, is two!

Here are some sweet pictures from our day at the museum:

Firewoman Louisa

Driving the fire truck

Staring up at the automatic bubble-maker in the bubble room

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  1. Great pictures! Glad you and Lou are meeting fun people. And I love Lou's cute little skinned knee :) Miss you all!


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