Saturday, June 29, 2013

See you Soon

We're all very excited for our upcoming visit with friends and family!

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Run along with me

We recently celebrated our one-year anniversary of moving to California. In a really good way, it feels like we've been here way longer. Nate has a year under his belt at Apple, which is awesome because not only is he deep in a project that he's excited about, he also has a better sense of when it's okay to leave a bit early to spend time with his girls!

Thankfully, my post-partum overload also seems so long ago. I've been working on Tuesdays for the past four weeks and just last week, I started a semi-serious training schedule for the Santa Rosa 1/2 Marathon. It feels SO GOOD to have some structure to my week, not to mention some sweat-inducing exercise.

What else has helped me feel normal again? So many things, including sweet Cora's new habits (smiling more, crying less and sleeping through the night), our great nanny Nelly, Nate's new work-from-home set-up and raspberry season. It's also exciting knowing that before the year is out, I'll be an aunt to another Debbink and another Langenkamp!

My blogging buddy, cooing as I type

Monday, June 10, 2013

Happy or Tired?

We're pretty sure that Louisa thinks that the opposite of happy is sleepy or sleeping. If you say something about bedtime or a nap and she doesn't want to sleep, she'll try to convince you that she's happy. I guess it makes sense since I often tell her that she must be tired when she's acting crabby. This little misunderstanding doesn't concern me, because I know she'll learn her opposites eventually, but it is funny to get a glimpse into her brain these days when she, for example, looks at open-eyed Cora and says, "happy."

Like all infants, Cora's "happy" minutes are increasing during the day and decreasing at night. Thank heaven for our first 8 hour stretch last night. Not sure how it happened, but she slept from 11 pm to 7:30 am! I won't go so far as to call her an amazing sleeper though, particularly because I'm struggling to get her to fall asleep on her own during the day. She falls asleep in the ErgoBaby carrier almost instantly, but inevitably my back gets sore and I try to take her out and lay her down in her crib. Then I tiptoe away, hoping she'll stay asleep. Most of the time my mission fails, like it just did just now mid-paragraph. Right after I typed I'm struggling to get her to fall asleep on her own during the day, she started wiggling and crying in the Ergo. I stood up, bounced a bit, then took her out and put her in her crib. Now she's crying. I'll be back to attach a few pictures :)

I'm back, eating my words. Apparently she was hungry, not tired. Makes sense, considering how much milk she slept through last night. I'm sure these intricacies are not all that exciting to you, so enough for now! Onto some pictures from the past week:

A weekend trip to the California Academy of Sciences

See Where Our Pictures Were Taken