Tuesday, February 12, 2019

Peter, You're Four!

As you may have noticed, I've been less inclined to blog lately. One main reason why is that my work has transitioned from a nine-to-five job to a couple of whenever-you-can jobs. I don't mind this transition, but it does leave me less interested in spending time at the computer in the evenings, when I would typically feel inspired to blog. But as someone once said, a blog is a great record of memories, especially for my kids to read someday. So that simple reminder is my new inspiration - to at least get a short post published for the big events that we don't want to forget.

With that, a back-post to say HAPPY 4TH BIRTHDAY Peter! I would have capitalized your name too, except you really don't like that. "Not my capital name!" you say. I love how attentive you are to small details like this. I love that you like to order things (pumpkins, cans of paint) just so. It's been a long time since you threw a fit about bedtime songs or how we sliced a banana. Perhaps it's because we have quite a routine at bedtime. First, ABCs, with you singing the P, E, T and R while I sing the rest. Next comes twinkle twinkle little star, and finally, a made up song - a request you come up with on the spot after I pray - usually about something that made you happy that day. Today it was about Musicville - the musical you performed with the other students at Eastside Lutheran tonight. We loved hearing you sing and do jazz hands to Getting Ready for the Festival Tonight.

We adore how much you like to listen to classical music and books about trucks, animals or composers that "died a long time ago." Your love for classical music is no doubt influenced by Mary Shin, a violin graduate student who has been living with us since August. She tells people that you are her best friend in Madison. Your love for Mary is beyond sweet.

Nice writing, bud!
As you near the end of your school year at Eastside Lutheran, we're glad that you've tired of fighting going to school. I'm thinking that's because you actually enjoy it, but taking after your parents, it can be hard to get up and going in the morning. I don't blame you for preferring to stay in your pajamas. If all goes as planned, you'll have one more year of this luxury, since you were placed in the afternoon 4K class at the girls' school.

You love Mary in part because she lets you go to Olbrich Gardens in your pajamas!
Thanks for being such a fun-loving guy. You may be stubborn at times, but we're confident that this will come in handy someday, helping you to stand up for things you believe in.

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