Thursday, August 24, 2017

Netherland - Day 6

We rode a beautiful 48 miles today. Our first segment was from Den Haag to Haarlem and then we finished back in Amsterdam. I was super thankful that we had electric bikes, because it made the ride quite leisurely and left us with energy to enjoy a 5 hour food tour of Amsterdam.

Before we arrived in Haarlem, we rode through the gorgeous sand dunes along the coast of the North Sea. It was more hills than we've seen the entire trip, but again, not too bad because of the electric bikes! 

We only stopped in Haarlem for an hour or two, so didn't take many pictures - only one - of a typical Dutch mom bike. Big kid seat in the back, little kid seat in the front, and a large basket or crate in the very front. Of course a few people have bikes like this in Madison, but here, they're everywhere and it's inspiring!

The mix of old and new in the Netherlands is really interesting

Our food tour guide, Charmaine took our photo on a bridge over a canal in Amsterdam

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