Friday, August 25, 2017

Nederland/Belgium - Day 7

We woke a bit later than expected today, but with plenty of time to catch a 1 hour train back to Harderwijk to return the bikes to Trek. We could have biked, but we were eager to get to Brussels, our next stop, so choose to forego the 3 hour bike ride. After catching a train from Harderwijk to Utrecht and another from Utrecht and Rotterdam, we boarded an international train to Brussels-Midi. We arrived at our hotel (called Yawn) around 3:30 pm, before taking off on foot to explore Brussels. What an interesting mix of cultures! Apparently locals will speak multiple languages in a single sentence, but French and Dutch are most common.

Nate brought a library book on Belgian beers, so had a couple of places to check out. Tomorrow we'll continue our beer tour and hopefully find some chocolate to taste as well! 
Sorry you're out of focus, Nate. But the beer is really the star of the show, right?
This plaza of palaces was 100% more impressive after dinner than earlier in the day
It looks like most people are standing, but actually, many people were just sitting in the middle of the plaza, eating, drinking beer and chatting. Why not?

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