Thursday, December 24, 2015

Seldom Calm, Always Bright

It's Christmas Eve and the sun is shining! Such strange weather at this most wonderful time of the year. Every stage of this renovation will be so quickly forgotten, so we've been trying to pause and take photos as often as possible, and the sun offered great lighting for an outdoor photo shoot. I also took a bunch of photos inside, but most are too dark to be interesting because of the one inch foam board that's now hugging the house. Nate took out the windows on the west side of the house (as well as most of the front and back) and nailed on the foam. Then next week, fingers crossed, Tim will come and start putting in the new windows.

Merry Christmas to you. May your days be merry and bright!

No longer neglected, instead feeling loved
The west side, all buttoned up

New Eaves!

The east side will be warmed with foam next week

The new dormer, which is temporarily water-proofed while we wait for our new roof

View from the garage

Blue skies!

Enjoy the ship lap while it lasts, Chip and JoAnna!

An outlet for Christmas lights in the roof of the front porch

Taking advantage of the mirrored door

The glow of electricity

Our first working light switch

Just love that sunshine

Like most of the house, a little TLC will make a big difference


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