Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Due Today: An Update

I've been dragging my feet on this post for two reasons. The first is that life is busy. (Like most people, I can't believe that it's already December.) The second reason is that progress seems to have slowed and I don't want to be negative or whiny. I don't think it actually has slowed, I think it's more that we hired a contractor to install windows, the windows arrived, Nate prepped the outside of the house for the window and installation work....THEN....nothing. I guess in my head, I was thinking that once we hired a contractor, progress would triple or quadruple instead of remain the same. The contractor comes highly recommended and I trust that he's awesome at what he does, but he found a few things to add to his list AND we're apparently not his only project?!? WHAT? Kidding, of course. I know he is busy with other projects.

With my whinning out the way, here's what's really happening. Nate has been framing in the HVAC ducting to prepare for drywall. He's also nearly finished with the electrical install, which has required designing our lighting plan. Yesterday he texted me:

The first bubble was in response to my concern that one wall was letting quite a bit of rain in and wondering whether the attic was ready to be cleaned up. How could I resist the urge to sweep this?

But the reason for sharing this text exchange was to help explain my excitement when I realized Nate was asking me to pick something that seemed like such a "finishing touch." I might have had a moment of fantasy - thinking we were father along than we actually are. My second thought was that Nate wanted to make the powder room functional ASAP so he no longer has to walk home to use the bathroom. It turns out that a fan/light combo is similar to the blue outlet boxes in the picture above (and already placed in abundance throughout the entire house). It needs to be wired up now, but won't be functional until way later. Oh well.

Experience my excitement for a sweet second. Here is the fan/light combo I chose. Okay, it's not nearly as fun as picking countertops or a refrigerator, but it's something.

I'm resisting the urge to be negative again, but I should admit that part of the delay in getting the new windows installed was our first surprise of the renovation, i.e. something we didn't anticipate having to repair or replace. That something is the eaves and a new dormer in the attic. And because the dormer has to be roofed, we've been encouraged to re-roof this winter instead of waiting until next year. So I called four roofing experts in - 3 regular and 1 metal roofing company - and we're in the process of gathering estimates and hoping to have a new roof before Christmas. Merry Christmas Nate! Did you know that's what you wanted this year?

Progress! That's what we both want for Christmas and I'm sure we'll get it since we already have made tons of it since the first Center Ave Demo Day. That was back on August 1, only 4 short months ago.

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