Thursday, December 17, 2015

A Bit More Castle-ness, Please

Last night after dinner I was finally able to visualize the final heightened dormer in the attic. Seeing the work in progress (and the stars in the sky through it) was encouraging. Today I wanted to see how things were coming, so Peter and Cora and I walked over. Cora usually needs some convincing to change out of dress-up clothes and into cold-weather-gear, so I told her that we needed to go see the new house because it was looking more like a castle. She was not only convinced, but also excited.



Half-way to after?

One of the princesses in the castle
Doesn't it look so much better already? I'm thankful we hired Tim (the contractor installing our windows) because without his suggestion, I don't think we would have thought to open this up so much. It will look much better on the outside too and should be done just in time for our new roof in early January.


Half-way to after

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  1. Wow! A castle! Looks great so far! Glad the weather is cooperating.


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