Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Are you sure it's not Monday?

What a morning! It's only 10:12 am and it's already been a crazy day. Thankfully we had nowhere we needed to be. Well, I suppose Nate needed to go to work, but other than that...
  • Nate discovers that the tires on our van can't handle the snow
  • Nate kindly puts all the carseats into the Saab, so the kids and I can go to a gymnastics open gym at 9:30
  • I find Peter with my wedding ring in his mouth
  • Cora teases Louisa, saying, "I'm going to turn you into a prince" which is apparently very upsetting to Lou, because she yells at Cora, squeezes her and shakes her
  • Louisa and Cora have time outs and we talk about what happened
  • Everyone is bundled up, but Cora doesn't want to wear mittens and falls into a snowbank, making her very sad and cold
  • We're in the car at 9:25, but the car won't start
  • Cora, Peter and I come inside. Peter is thankful for the fiasco because he gets his morning nap
  • Louisa stays outside, happily playing in the snow
  • Nate comes back and turns the truck 180 degrees in a very tiny space between the Saab and the garage, so that he can jump the Saab
  • Nate takes the Saab to buy a new battery, saying he will be back soon to take the van to get new tires
  • Posting this now, hoping maybe it will end the craziness of this morning

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