Saturday, October 24, 2015

More Kitchen Design Talk

To the lovely ladies who shared their thoughts and some great links, here are Nate's drawing that offer more details to help you visualize our kitchen. The upper cabinets are not purposefully grey, although that's an idea too. And the counter tops are not purposefully black, probably just what was in Nate's mind because that's what we chose in our last kitchen re-design. 

We do plan to do butcher block on the island and the breakfast bar. The large window by the refrigerator makes it difficult to do anything too useful with that back wall, but maybe some open shelving between the window and the mudroom? There won't be a door to slam (knocking things off), just an opening. 

The two doorways on the adjoining wall are for the laundry room and pantry. That wall probably has some potential for open shelving, although it's also a thoroughfare, and will likely hold our spice rack.

Fun conversations! I'd love to host a kitchen-design party like our great friends the Cizeks did, but this blog chatting is the next best thing with you out of state and out of country folk!


  1. Oooh! Seeing the layout really helps. And yeah - I can totally see why you might want the glass inserts at the top to give a bit of relief. I think that makes a ton of sense, especially because you won't be seeing them straight on from your living room - it doesn't matter what you see behind them in the same way.

    Also, I wanted to leave the follow-up about wood counter tops: She says, "I hate that I have to think about them. It seems like I’m always wiping up water, washing cutting boards, searching for hot pads, and generally worrying about not causing harm to my counters. Countertops are not something I want to think about…I want to abuse the crud out of them and never think twice about it. I know you can sand them down reseal them, but doing a ton of dusty sanding inside does not sound like fun to me. And even though the wood around the sink is holding up great it still feels like a ticking time bomb. So would I use butcher block again in this house? Yes, probably. Will I put them in our future homes? No, I won’t… unless it’s on an island without a sink." Exactly what you guys are doing! :) So maybe a gray soapstone or something around the perimeter?

    I love your style and taste. Can't wait to see it come together!

  2. Are you going to do a little hidey spot below your bar for your laptop again? I really liked that on your last remodel!

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