Thursday, October 22, 2015

Kitchen Design Time

I wonder if asking others for their opinion about kitchen design is like asking their opinion about unborn baby names. You know, like you tell someone what you're leaning towards, and they make a "oh, that's nice" face?

But I'm going to go for it. Meaning, I'm going to show you pictures of our kitchen inspiration. Be honest and brainstorm with us. Just don't be sad if we don't ultimately choose your design.

What I like about the first kitchen below (from The Inspired Room) is the charcoal grey lower cabinets and white upper cabinets. I like the way they look on hardwood floors (which we'll keep in our kitchen) and how they lighten up and modernize the look. Stained wood can be beautiful too, but I think we'll have enough of it on the first floor that the kitchen needs to be something different.

I also like the white subway tile with dark grout, but wouldn't be able to handle white countertops. Would something darker contrast too much with a white backsplash?

Another thought is making the upper cabinets with glass fronts, just so things don't look too whitewashed? We are planning to have small cabinets all the way to the ceiling, so perhaps just having glass fronts on the small top cabinets, like this:

What do you think? Let's hear your honest feedback!


  1. What about wood countertops. That's what we have here and I really like the look. You just have to be careful around the sink area because if it gets/stays wet around there too often and sits there, you can get mildew or mold in the wood. But if you put something different around the sink, you should be fine.

  2. Meant to put a question mark in that first sentence!

  3. Hi! I also think that wood counters can work really well with the white subway tile look -- here's an example of where I've seen it lately: (As an aside, the thing I like the most from this kitchen example is the pop of red of the fridge, you could also think about going with a very bold, pop of color sink or appliance for a fun focal point . . just a thought!)

    Also, I LOVE the slate gray lower cabinets, and I also approve of the glass-fronted cabinet look in the third picture!

  4. Check out these counter tops as another option:

  5. I love those colors and definitely second (third!) a butcher block counter top although they're a bit iffy around a sink. We're still going with butcher block for our island even though that's where the sink will be, and I'm going to be referring to this post for how to make that work:

    I like the small glass door cabinets, but it seems like you don't get to either display your pretty things or shut away less pretty things. What if you did a combination of closed and open shelving? Maybe solid doors all along the driveway wall and some open shelving along the back wall? Here is a picture with both: or with wood shelves: Easy breezy: We're not doing any open shelving because we don't have the space or the matching dishes. You have such great colors and cookbooks. It'd be fun to be able to see them. :)

  6. I'm late putting in my two cents, but I love a beautiful kitchen!! And since I'm living vicariously through your house remodel…
    I love the grey on the bottom cabinets and the island and white on the uppers. Plus it seems more practical with little hands touching the bottom cupboards more often. :) I like the idea of using butcher block on the island and the breakfast bar, though I love the look of a lighter countertop on the other counters, especially with the grey cabinets. I don't think you need to go white… but maybe pretty light with some veining? I really like the look of some of the quartz countertops that look like marble, but I like light countertops and it sound like you don't. ( I also love classic subway tile. Will you lay it in the normal pattern?
    If you do the glass on the uppers (which I really like), I've seen it look really nice with lighting to highlight the pretty objects you put in those cupboards. (This is an quick & interesting post about painting the inside of the cabinets light grey so they don't look too bright
    I also like your next post where we can get an idea of all the layout. I like the empty wall and think that likely all it will need is your super cool spice rack.
    I can't wait to see your house in person someday!!

  7. Since you asked...I like the dual tone! I think this kitchen is begging for some Carrera marble. Butcher block is great in the island, but a pain by wet spaces. Also, the upper cabinets in glass is a great idea, but if you do then the whole length of the cabinet you can "hide things". You can light up the uppers a display your pretty stuff. Can't wait to see it all done!

  8. I love the grey lower and white uppers, but am not a fan of the glass cabinets just on the top - I much prefer all glass, or no glass.

    I really like the look of butcher block counter tops, and also concrete (but I've never had either. Butcher block counters kind of scare me - I feel like I'd dye them easily cutting up beets or something). Instead of white, I think having a speckled/veined countertop in a grey/white theme would look great too!

    Do you read Little Green Notebook? I love her blog so much and she has great ideas:


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