Monday, March 3, 2014

RD, Foodie, Mom

I've been thinking and talking about writing more about nutrition for some time now. Two people, sort of informal advisors on life, told me, "just start writing!" So now anytime I build another barrier in my mind, I hear their voices echo: just start writing! The barriers/excuses/delays tend to look and sound like this:
  • there are already too many food blogs
  • I should really create a whole new blog (not just shift the focus here)
  • I should read all the child nutrition books available first
  • once I start, I'd have to commit to at least 3 posts per week
So although this blog post is not about food and nutrition per se, it's bringing me one step closer to "launching" my dream blog: RD, Foodie, Mom. My dream is not to be a famous blogger who eventually writes a book and goes on tour, it's more to share ideas (while soliciting ideas), answer questions, and keep my creative/writing brain active. 

So why now? Well, of course now is as good a time as ever. (Just start writing! Just start writing!) Also, I'm drawn to projects that can be started and revisited during small or large (but usually small) chunks of time during the day. I received further inspiration after reading Anne's thoughtful post on stay-at-home motherhood last week. Right on, Anne. I'm totally with you!

Another source of inspiration was a pre-screening of a ridiculous, yet entertaining new movie, Moms' Night Out, three weeks ago. It was ridiculous because it was one of those films where everything that can go wrong, does. How it relates to this mommy-blogger, (ugh, I hate that title) is that the main character is 1) a stay at home mom, and 2) a mommy blogger. Although the movie was stressful for a clean-freak like me, it was also affirming and encouraging. My favorite part (non-spoiler alert) was the final scene, where she comes downstairs, early in the morning, to a cup of hot tea, open laptop and CLEAN house. On the corner of her screen is a post-it that says, "You DO have something to say." Cute. I want to know who cleaned her house though.

It's funny, I'm not even a big movie person, but in the last three weeks, I got to go to two early screenings. One (above) and the other of the newest DreamWorks animated film, Mr. Peabody and Sherman. While the mom movie was a Tuesday-night-out with my friend Heather, I took the whole family to Mr. Peabody. Louisa sat through her first movie beautifully. And Cora? Well, not so much. I was just thankful that she was fine (nursing and eating cheese) during the creative/smart/dialogue parts of the film and only needed to leave the theater during the action scenes. So admittedly, I didn't watch the whole movie, but would definitely recommend it!

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