Friday, March 28, 2014

Movie Maker

I may work at DreamWorks, but I'm no movie maker. My previous attempts at video editing on YouTube left me annoyed and frustrated. Anne shared a bit of wisdom that I've been meaning to try.  She said "iMovie," so today I tried it. I have lots of room to learn and grow, but for now, here are some clips of our Bean.

Oh, but first, one extra little movie clip from my mind's eye. Today we were out to lunch with Megan and Anderson. The kids meal (yep, we're finally to that point, I think) came with a dessert, so Louisa was eating chocolate pudding. I was chatting and turned back to see Cora licking her lips and looking just plain satisfied. Louisa said, "Mom, I shared my pudding!" So sweet, except that Cora is supposed to be waiting until April 11 (her 1st birthday) to indulge in sugar. The words behind her satisfied face were likely something like this: mama! you've been holding out on me. that was the best! 

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