Saturday, March 22, 2014

Still a Clean Freak after all these 3 years

Life is busy! Last week Cora and I were in Washington DC for a weight-management training. I have to complete 75 credits every five years to maintain my RD registration, so when I saw that there was a 50-credit training in Annapolis, MD (40 minutes from DC) I booked a room in my parent's AirBnB and hired the best local babysitters (also seen on the AirBnB page). Louisa and Nate stayed in Campbell and Marcia stopped by on her way back from Anchorage. I think we all benefited from a little schedule shake-up.

I was reminded of the challenges of flying with a one year old, but overall, the cross-country flights went well. I'm just plain amazed at how much a little body can move and (apparently) how not cool napping is when you're on a 747 (or whatever kind of plane it was).

Before our trip to DC, we finally made it up to Oakland to visit the zoo. This and other outings help me remember how important it is to get out of the house each day, so I don't feel mess-trophopic. Let's just say that having kids hasn't really diminished my love for a clean house.

Some recent messes:

A rare puddle in the CA drought

At the children's museum

The chairs are Lou's train. For some reason she dumped ALL of our play-kitchen food under the 3rd seat

If I had fed Cora this turkey/bean soup, I probably would have declared it a "spoon food"
Outings to balance me out:

Since we can't have grass at our house, we try to enjoy it at the park

Roller coaster ride at Happy Hollow

Train ride at the Oakland Zoo

Plane ride at the Oakland Zoo

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