Friday, February 21, 2014

Our Little Bean (and her big sister)

Cora's been waking up on the right side of the crib lately! She easy-going (finally!), eats about twice the amount that Louisa eats and enjoys the freedom she's found in crawling, and, most recently, walker-walking:

In the video, you see and hear Cora's #1 fan, Lou. The only outfit Louisa wears these days involves a dress, skirt, leggings and her brown boots. If it's a special day, she'll also wear a tutu. Nate snapped a photo yesterday morning before she donned her dress and boots, just in case we never see her in pants and a shirt again:

And last, going completely out of chronological order, a 3-in-1 Cora video that is WAY TOO LONG. You have permission to zoom through! There is no real climax, it just three scenes from her pre-crawling days:

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  1. Yay, videos! More of those two interacting, please!! Super cute.


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