Friday, March 8, 2013

Live It Up While You Can!

It felt like I hadn't taken any videos lately, until I sat down to put them together in a little "Early 2013 Montage" of Louisa. Since Baby B #2 is due in 4 short weeks, I thought it was important to give Louisa her last HURRAH of attention. So here it is...the only-child life of Louisa Jane...dwindling down.

And as a transition to the two-child life of the Bosschers, here is a sneak-peak at #2, who apparently has huge lips and an itchy eye? My midwife wanted to do a growth check this week and we saw that all is fine. I have a 63rd percentile (6.25 pounds) baby in there with 4 more weeks to gain another 1 to 2 pounds!


  1. I loved the video montage! I wish for a smooth transition for you guys from one baby to two! It's funny-- in William's ultrasound picture it also looked like he had really big lips, but when he came out, I think they were pretty normal... and have remained such. =)

  2. Max loved watching Lou. Every time she turned her back he would say "more Lou". He also enjoyed the appearances by Nate and wanted "more Nate" as well. He especially thought the segment of her building blocks in just her diaper was great. He laughed and said "naked butt Lou". Now that the video is over, he still wants "more Lou". Miss you guys!


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