Friday, March 22, 2013


Warning: this post has a gross-factor. I'll avoid too much description, but just to warn you...

I was lucky enough to develop a pretty bad sinus infection in my 36th week of pregnancy. Poor baby had a pretty peaceful environment in there until the honking cough started last weekend. And as you know, a cough usually serves a purpose. In my case, it's to clear the junk that drips from my sinuses into my lungs. So that's what I've been dealing with, and of course, Louisa has noticed. Apparently she's also noticed that sometimes I run to the sink and unload some of that junk. When I cough, she usually just looks at me with puppy eyes and says, "mama."  Well yesterday she took the sympathy a bit further by walking over to her sink where she cough, leaned over and pretended (thankfully!) to spit. Lovely, Louisa Jane.

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