Friday, February 22, 2013

San Diego...La Jolla...Escondido...Coronado

Last week we took a short Valentine's Day flight down to San Diego.  Louisa's "motion sickness" that I hoped was a one-time event on Wednesday night turned into a strange every-12-hour stomach bug hanging around until Monday morning. She stayed happy in between episodes, which is what made it so strange. She and Oliver both pleased their fellow airline passengers with some vomit on their separate trips to San Diego. Thankfully Oliver really was just airsick...a one time occurrence.  Well, three times within 2 hours or so. Poor Sarah!

The reason for the trip was a Kettenburg (my mom's dad's mom's maiden name) reunion on Saturday. All of my mom's siblings were there and their kids - my cousins - had a solid representation. We shared meals together and my aunts/mom/grandma even surprised Nate and me with our first baby "sprinkle."  The gifts we received gave Sarah an opportunity to complain about the fact that our baby's gender is still unknown...

Oliver and Louisa got along marvelously and both continued to bond strongly with my parents.  Nate headed back to San Jose early Monday morning to work so Lou and I could stay in SD and play. As Nate would say...."Luckies!" Here are some iPhone photos from our trip:

Lou discovers lever door handles and teaches Oliver how to escape
Poppies smiling at us during a "pull over! she's going to puke!" stop (she didn't)
Further Papa-LouBear bonding
Exploring the shipwreck on Coronado Beach
Oliver's first swim
Tractor pull at my Grandparent's house in Escondido
Mountain-clouds in La Jolla
Barking sea lions of La Jolla 
Lou wore her sunglasses so much, my family wore-out the "drank too much last night" joke

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