Friday, March 29, 2013

Signs of Spring

Yesterday I wanted to resign as a mother. I was so tired, hemorroidal (as Nate calls it) and Louisa was being a pill - not napping or even staying in her room. Thankfully Nate came home earlier than usual and was super-helpful with Lou, so I didn't actually turn in my letter of resignation.  Today has been sooooooo much better.  And our farm visit this morning with 72 degree weather and good friends was perfect. Louisa fell asleep on the way home, staying asleep for 2 1/2 hours this afternoon while I killed time capturing some signs of spring.

I'm well aware that humans can have babies any time of the year, but for me, it seems that I follow a schedule of birthing spring babies.  BB2 is due next week - April 6, and Louisa will be two on April 29. People keep asking if I feel any signs of labor. Nope, not really, but I learned with Louisa's birth that there won't always be signs. I worked on a Wednesday and my water broke early the next morning with absolutely no contractions before the flood. So maybe tomorrow? But maybe three weeks from now.

Whenever you want to come, BB2, we're excited to meet you! Your dad is looking forward to the "vacation." If this wasn't his second time around, I would have sternly replied that it's not exactly going to be a vacation, but I know that he knows that. Oh and while we're on the topic of vacation, I'm happy to report that my year long "vacation" will be ending soon! I officially have a nutrition job. I'll be starting at Dreamworks in Redwood City as their dietitian, offering nutrition counseling to employees. I'm very excited because it's just one day per week and I love helping people "clean up" their nutrition and exercise habits!

Now, those signs of spring:

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