Thursday, February 14, 2013

Louisa wants to know...are you happy?

Louisa has slowly been expanding her vocabulary lately, and one of her favorite new words is "happy." Usually, if we ask her if she's happy, the following dialogue occurs:

Lou: "HAPPY! Mama?"

Mama: "Mama's happy."

Lou: "Daddy?"

Daddy: "Daddy's happy."

Lou: "Ries?"

Mama: "Ries is probably happy."

Lou: "Baby?"

Daddy: "The baby is happy."

It's fun, although like all things repeated over and over and over again by a toddler - just being honest here - it can get a little old. There are worse conversations she could enjoy having though, so I'll try not to complain.

So why are we happy these days? Well, it depends on the day, but recently I would say that Louisa is happy because we're still striving for an-adventure-a-day to tire her out for her afternoon nap. Monday we went to the city and bought a membership at the SF Academy of Sciences - a fun museum in Golden Gate Park.

Checking out the manta rays and nurse sharks at the Academy of Sciences

Nate is happy lately because his job satisfaction is - and I quote - "higher than it's been since my days at Michael's Frozen Custard." And I'm happy because as soon as I admitted that I probably wasn't going to find a job before Baby#2 is born, interesting opportunities have appeared. I turned down a 30-hour/week job on Saturday but have an interview tomorrow for an 8 hour/week job. Regardless of the outcome, it's nice to know that people are considering my applications and that my hard work over the past 6 months is not in vain.

Just so I don't leave you with the impression that life is perfect around here, I'll leave you with a funny/gross story. Some of you heard about Lou's bath poops...I think there have been two or three; one of those I was in the bathtub too. Well, tonight she added to her portfolio. She was perfectly happy, taking a bath with her mama, when she started to cough. Then gag. Out came lunch. Let me tell was much less pure and lovely than her award-winning Whoops! There goes lunch! photo. Immediately after, she seemed to be happy again, so I'm just chalking it up to motion sickness from our pre-bath bike ride.

Fortunately, I don't have a photo of today's cookie tossing

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  1. Max also likes to know if your family is happy. He says "Happy Lou", "Happy Nate", and "Happy Reis" at least once a day. I still think you are wrapped up in "Nate" since he can't say Alicia very well. Soon enough. Names are getting clearer every day. I just hope he doesn't tell everyone baby's name (Paul hopes he does though).
    Missing all of you!


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