Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Not So Proud Anymore

I had my second most embarrassing/regretful moment as a mom today. It all started when I didn't just accept how well things were going with two toddlers in the house and instead tried to take them to run errands and play at the park. Although baby #2 is on the way, we have not invested in a double stroller yet, so I decided to improvise and turn our single BOB into a double. I strapped Hannah in the safe way and showed Louisa how to sit in the roomy triangle on the front. All was going fine for the first four blocks or so, until Lou got curious about the ground and leaned forward...

Face meets sidewalk, apparently forehead first, followed by a roll from right eye to nose. Poor dear. Her bravery continues to amaze me...she only cried for about 30 seconds. She rightfully asked to be carried for another couple minutes before asking to get back in the triangle. I probably should have said "no," but instead I coached her on how not to nose-dive off the front and let her try again. Success!

Back at home, the clean up was fairly painless and she seemed to forget that it ever happened. We then left home again - Hannah in the stroller and Louisa in the Ergo carrier on my back - to run our errands, including a much anticipated trip to the library. Lou was happy to skip the park time in order to come home and look at her new books. Nate got this picture delivered to his phone at work and was very gracious about it all, even apologizing because turning the single into a double was his idea. I would have done it anyways, although it did help me feel better about it all, since Nate also thought it a fine idea.

The dot of blood below her nose really is an insta-scab, not to be blotted up by a tissue

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  1. Poor Lou! All so that Hannah could ride in the stroller! What a brave little girl! Hannah had so much fun with you guys yesterday! I can't thank you enough for watching her! Thanks for taking the girls on a walk and to the library!


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