Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Build Your Nest, Mother Bird

I'm feeling (perhaps too) proud tonight. I was just talking to my dear friend Erin yesterday, saying how I enjoy sewing so much once I actually sit down and get into it. Inspired by our conversation, I re-started a very long-forgotten quilt project that my mom and I started so many years ago (like, maybe 16). All I had left to do was add the border/binding. I combine those two terms because I still don't know the difference after clicking through quilting blogs last night. I finally came across a helpful video, even though the extra commentary made it nearly impossible to sit through (you'll see what I mean if you watch the first 5 seconds). So tonight I finished! Considering how lost I felt before finding a helpful tutorial, I'm really happy with how it turned out...

It's a baby quilt, originally intended for no one baby in particular, but in the next 7 months, a baby girl will surely be born to (in this due-date order) to Adrienne Cizek, Anne Ooms, me, Sarah Both, Sarah Goupell, Cassie Bauman, Kristie Jordan, Abbie Hampton, or Kate Jones. WHEW - that's a lot of babies! Ariyl Doran is also in this list - right after me - but they're having a boy, and this quilt is a bit too pink, I think.

Not the coolest fabrics ever, but remember, I started it in the '90s!

The mitered corners were the daunting part
Since we're on the topic of sewing, this is probably an appropriate time to share my most favorite sewing accessory EVER: a wrist pin cushion. I can't tell you how often I used to grab for my non-attachable tomato pin cushion only to find it was in the other room. I'd highly recommend the velcro/strap kind as opposed to the plastic bracelet. I love it so much that I'm still wearing it now, while typing.

The pins themselves make me pretty happy, too
And last but not least, my first intentional belly picture for the blog. I'm so eager to see updates of all my pregnant friends that I thought it was only kind to share one of Baby Bosscher #2 in ball-under-shirt form.

28.5 weeks


  1. Thanks for sharing a picture, you look great! And I'm sure those quilt squares could be considered cool/Indie/retro or whatever now since they're from the 90's!

  2. Beautiful! (both the quilt and you!)

  3. Agree with Anne! Can't wait for my sewing lesson!


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