Wednesday, September 19, 2012

When life gives you time, make videos

Nate and I both used to be very good at taking iPod videos of Louisa for our blog. And even if Anne and Marcia are the only ones that are entertained, I feel like I need to step it up.  Nothing too exciting in this one, but you can see one of Lou's favorite "playgrounds" - our back patio. She often will play outside while I'm in the kitchen which is great because they say independent play is important, right? She has only fallen off the step once and it was while I was outside too, so I figure things can't go too wrong while I'm inside within earshot. Don't worry, the video rotates once you press play!

Louisa has been going to sleep before Nate gets home these days. It's sad for him, but necessary for me (and her). She actually has been super-pleasant lately as long as she eats 3 meals and 2-3 snacks each day and we make time for a two hour nap somewhere around noon. My fig-to-plum sized baby has been tiring me out lately and I've been trying to nap too, although it can be hard. Sometimes it's just too enticing to get a bunch of around-the-house stuff done while Lou is sleeping. Today I did sit down and watch TV instead of sleeping (or doing chores). That has to count as rest on some level, right?

And now, a guest blogger...the one, the only, Nate, our Mac Daddy...

(he's here to share a bit about his job, for those who are curious and keep asking Marcia for updates)

Hi Everyone!  I'm a little over three months into my job now and am feeling fairly settled in.  The hours are longer than I would like, but the job is proving to be challenging and interesting.  I am working a lot with the China supply end of things right now, which is fascinating.  Mass production of consumer goods is something that is new to me and the learning curve has been quite steep.  Only after my second trip to China did I really start to feel that I knew what I was doing.  You may have noticed my company's big announcement last week... it was pretty exciting to be apart of the work that went into these new products.  We'll see whether the workload slows down a bit this fall, but for now I am enjoying my work and relishing the time I get to spend with Alicia and Lou at home.

We'll see if I can't get Nate to talk about the work he does at this mysterious company more often. :)


  1. I like the videos too:) Keep em' coming!

  2. ditto!

    i love that you have an orange and a lemon tree in your yard! my mom had those in arizona and it was great to go out and pick an orange to eat right from the tree!

    sorry to hear about the still long hours! hoping it lets up some!

    i think it was the last couple months of my pregnancy with henry that ramped up william's cartoon watching from an occasional thing to a most days after school thing, as i was so tired. i'd lay down on the bed while he sat and watched 'caillou' and would often fall asleep while simultaneously trying to make sure he didn't walk out of the room.

  3. Oh, she is SOOO cute!!! And the spins and the "baas" and "bye-byes" are lovely. Can't wait to see all of you again. Really is fun to see the videos. Thank you!


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