Monday, September 24, 2012

Hello Little Baby!

It's hard to believe this little thing is in my belly. It looks so big on the screen, but I don't look pregnant yet. Well, I look a little pregnant if I just ate. A friend of mine who is about 20 weeks told me that last week, she went to bed with a flat stomach and woke up the next morning with a cantaloupe sized bump. I think that sounds exciting.

In the video, the doctor - who is from Madison, says, "oh and the nuchal looks fine - no worries there."  She's referring to a space near the spine that, when enlarged, could indicate down syndrome or other chromosomal abnormalities.  Nate and I decided that we wanted to forego the nuchal translucency screening like we did with Louisa and my doctor was fine with that, but wanted to do a brief ultrasound just to check the growth.  I'm not sure what we avoided in the end...maybe just blood work that goes along with the ultrasound? I have to admit, I didn't mind seeing the cute little one now that it's a bit more human like than the 8 week "pregnancy verification" ultrasound.  I think Baby Bosscher 2 is going to look like Nate, just like Loubear did/does.

In case you were wondering (because most people do) we are not going to find out the gender and BB2 is due early April.  So let's take a poll: should I attempt to potty train Louisa, who will be 23 months at the time, before BB2 is born? Sounds too ambitious.


  1. I think you should do the potty training! She's too smart to not pick up on it. :)

  2. i think it depends on lou. we potty trained william later than that (around 2.5) but before henry was born (about 6 months prior) and he went through a 'transition' phase after henry was born where he would occasionally purposely pee on the bathroom floor, once peed (on purpose: like, ready, aim, fire) on the couch, and once almost over the balcony from my mom's second floor landing to the living room below. but i caught him just in time. so, he sort of used peeing as a way to 'act out' after his little brother came along (though he never showed anything but love to henry). but that is william, not lou! =)


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