Sunday, September 16, 2012

Little Trail Runners

The main event of Abbie and Paul's visit happened this morning: the Title 9K - one of the few organized running races that allows baby joggers (strollers).  Even if we hadn't done awesome, placing third and fourth in our stroller division, I would have felt proud that the morning leading up to the race went as well as it did:

1. Woke up on time (6:45 am)
2. Ate breakfast (cereal with blueberries, toast with peanut butter and jelly, banana)
3. Fed the kids breakfast (banana, blueberries, oatmeal with raspberries)
4. Swapped the carseats into the appropriate vehicle (Paul helped here)
5. Loaded up the BOBs (Paul also did this)
6. Found Quarry Park Recreation Area (30-ish minutes from our house)
7. Parked, re-assembled the strollers, picked up our packets, waited in the port-a-potty line...

This all happened without tears or whines from Louisa or Max and they both happily rode along for 5.38 miles.  Because this was a race only for women, there was a lot of "YOU GO GIRL" sentiment, especially if you were pushing a stroller.  Next year, I think we'll try to win...we would just have to run 8 minute miles instead of 9:30 miles.  The other option would be for the over-achieving winner to run without her stroller, because we only finished one minute behind the second place stroller.  Regardless, it was a fun event!

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