Saturday, September 15, 2012

Wasabi Wonder

Abbie, Paul and Max are visiting this week.  How fun to have a live-in friend for Louisa!  Since Abbie babysat Lou regularly while she was an infant, she has an instant re-bond with her every time we get together.  On Thursday we went to Santa Cruz to meet a midwife.  Abbie and Max played at a park with hot slides during the appointment and then the babes and the moms went to the beach.  It was a gorgeous day and the kids had fun dipping their toes in the ocean.

Yesterday, Friday, we drove to Cupertino to have lunch with Nate at Mac Cafe.  The options are seemingly endless so we were all able to satisfy our cravings - including me, the pregnant woman who craves (non raw fish) sushi.  Lou and I have been to lunch at Nate's office four times and haven't noticed high chairs, so as usual, I set her on my lap to eat.  Unfortunately her curiosity and hunger got the best of her when she reached out and grabbed some wasabi from my plate.  I heard a wimper and a cough and looked down.  Poor Lou was moving her tongue around, trying to spit out the horribly spicy green stuff.  Nate said, "it's wasabi!" and I prepared to run away from the crowd of Apple-folk so Lou could cry it off.  Wasabi is cool like that though - the pain goes away pretty darn quickly.  I gave her a blackberry and a sip of melon-infused water (fancy, I know) and she was over it.  Maybe her tolerance comes from the time I accepted $20 from my dad to eat a teaspoon of straight wasabi?  Regardless of how we all escaped without making a scene, it was great!  Of course this all happened quickly so we didn't get a picture, but this picture sort of invokes that same image - tasting something green that's a bit disappointing...

Tasting apples in the front yard
Today, Saturday, we plan to do a little family wine-tasting.  It's a family wine tasting trip only in the sense that the babes are coming along to Sonoma with us.  Don't worry, the pregnant lady can't ingest wine, so I'll be in charge.

Lou's favorite little Packer fan, Mr. Max

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  1. the wasabi story reminds me of just a couple days ago when henry tried some tabasco sauce. he kept wiping his tongue with a washcloth and refused to drink any milk (because he was too busy trying to get the tabasco off his tongue).

    great job on the run by the way!


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