Saturday, February 20, 2016

Oh Mister Sun, Sun, Mister Golden Sun

The sun was shining AND it was 47 degrees today! Emphasis on the AND because on Friday it was warm too, but super windy and cloudy, so it didn't feel nearly as good as today. I took the opportunity to rope Oma into watching the kids so I could helped Nate clean up in preparation for our insulation team, set to start on Monday! Insulation feels like a big step because after that comes drywall, and then finishes, like paint, tile, and trim. Crazy!

My job today was to clean out the spaces between the studs at the floor level and also above the window headers on all outside walls. I was surprised by how much old insulation, wasp nests and plaster was still hanging around. But the spring clean made me think back to August/September/October when we were hauling dumpsters full of this stuff. Today it was less than a shop-vac's worth. To celebrate this milestone, a tour from behind the lens of a Nikon:

The guest room. After Nate hauled the trim bundles out, I gave it the clean it deserved

This beast (cast iron tub) is currently on Craigslist, if you're in the market

The girls' room, soon to be purple and pink?

Our bedroom

Line up of doors. The front, back and basement doors were the only ones we replaced

We plan to put frosted or textured glass on this one and use it for the bathroom

Good thing this is our room, otherwise we might have to deal with some stargazing teenagers someday

Super happy with the new metal roof

My amazing GC

Can't wait to cuddle up by the new fireplace

The mailman told me today, "Compared to what it was, it's looking really good"

Coca-Cola (not pictured, but frequently consumed on the job site) and Nutty Bars will not be stocked come June
Approximately 40 minutes after finishing up the house for the day, we were cleaned up and ready to see Good Night Moon

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