Friday, February 12, 2016

Moving Along

Today is Peter's birthday. In some ways, the year has flown by, but mostly, when we reflect on all that has changed, it seems like Peter should be at least eight or nine by now. It's also hard to remember life before him, so I could be easily convinced that he's actually two or three today. However old he actually is, we love him so much and can't get over how sweet and happy he is.

I keep waiting to have some non-iPhone pictures of the house before I write an update, but I haven't had time to take photos when it's warm enough to remove my hands from my mittens. Yes, I'm whining about how cold it is here in Wisconsin. Last night I had a dream that I traveled to California for work, and really really wanted to stay. The temperature high is ten tomorrow, but I will cling to the hope that winter won't last forever. How did I get on this weather tangent? Oh right, the mittens...the photos...

Maybe if my mittens were like Lou's, my hands would stay warmer?

So without great photos, here is the update: all but three windows are in! The front door is in! The back door and door to the screen porch are in! And, drumroll....the roof is 99 percent done. I'm very thankful for the roofers and Nate, who have all braved hours of cold to keep the progress rolling.

These photos were taken last week

It takes a special person to be a roofer

And one more photo to wrap it up. These kids would totally agree to some daily "hop on pop" fun.

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