Tuesday, January 19, 2016

I Can (almost) See Clearly Now

We have 14 new windows at the house! It's extremely exciting, since they've been in boxes in the house since before Thanksgiving.

The pictures below show how a mama and her cubs came out from hibernation when the temperature hit 13 degrees today. We couldn't walk too far because Louisa's bus was to arrive soon, so we walked over to surprise Nate at the new house. I love how, in the first picture, you can just barely see Cora's owl hat and Nate looks genuinely surprised. It also looks like he's dancing. Sounds like the contractor should be back to install the rest of the windows and a few exterior doors (including the front door, which Nate is framing up now). Thank goodness for a heat wave!


Bundled up and ready to walk

My new favorite photo of these two

The dormer at the top has two windows coming

The east side and back of the house are eager for their windows

Oh Ries, you look so proper, not to mention cute

7 new windows on the west (driveway) side

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