Wednesday, September 16, 2015

The View From Inside

Nate had a hard time pausing long enough to take this second round of photos, but of course we're glad he did! Someday we'll pair each of these mid-point photos with their coresponding "before" and "after", but for now, let's just enjoy all the STUFF that's been hauled out of our house! No one is more excited for the clean slate than Nate the engineer!

The front foyer

View from the living room, through to the kitchen

View from the play room into the dining room & foyer

The kitchen & dining room

The basement steps, which will eventually be moved to the outside wall on the left

Temporary red supports, on loan from a house-moving company

Drain tile has been laid around the perimeter of the entire basement

Going upstairs, where all 4 bedrooms are and will remain

Was a study and will become a bathroom

Looking from front to back, in second floor hallway

Who knew my husband could be so organized?!

The light-colored wood patch by the orange ladder covers the chimney hole

I thank God for keeping Nate safe while on this steep roof last weekend

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