Thursday, May 23, 2013

Venturing Out

It's a big week in the Bosscher house: Monday was my last "all day pajama day." Sure, there will be more opportunities to stay in my pajamas all day, but I don't think it's good for my mental game, so I declared Monday the last during this post-baby season.

Tuesday was my first day of work. I'll be offering nutrition counseling to employees at an animation studio and I'm super excited about it! I think this 8-hour per week gig will really give me the balance I'm looking for between the professional me and the stay-at-home mom me. Louisa seems to adore our new nanny, Nelly, and Cora handled six hours away from mom really well (i.e. she took a bottle and refrained from scaring Nelly away with spit-up).

Today, Wednesday, was my last moms' group meeting until fall and also my first long walk with Louisa, Cora and Ries without another adult. Don't laugh! The walk was kind of a big deal. We went to the dog park and returned 1.5 hours later without shedding any tears, changing any diapers or stopping to nurse a crying Cora. Hooray for mini-adventures! And hooray for MOPS...for the wonderful women I've met and the way it's helped me to grow this past year.

It's funny. This morning I put Cora on our bed while I got dressed, and Ries jumped right up and curled up next to her. It made me think that Ries probably likes Cora better than she likes Lou right now because Cora can't chase her and doesn't try to touch her eyeballs. But this afternoon at the dog park, Ries and Lou were best friends...

Thursday happens to be the birthday of the eldest in our household. Happy 33rd birthday Nate! Tomorrow also marks six weeks of life for the youngest in the household. Happy 6-week birthday Cora! To celebrate, we're all going to Santa Cruz for a Patagonia sale, my 6-week post-baby appointment, and breakfast at The Buttery.

Finally, on Friday, we're venturing to Santa Barbara for an ultimate frisbee tournament where Nate will do his best to throw some sweet hucks to his new teammates. Other than cheering for Nate, we're planning to explore the city, which is supposed to be fantastic, and meet up with Nate's cousin Abby, a recent transplant to Los Angeles.

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  1. What a full week! So glad the work seems like a good fit and you get to meet up with Abby. Love the video--Lou has quite a nice throwing arm!


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