Friday, May 31, 2013

Feelin' like home

I'm learning quickly that at this stage of parenting, flexibility is key. I have ideas of what I want to do in a day, but if I hold on too tightly to those ideas, I'll likely be disappointed. The collage above? Totally not planned. Just happened to feel like doing it while Louisa and Cora happened to be asleep at the same time. Yesterday it couldn't have happened because Louisa didn't nap. Tomorrow? Maybe!

My intent on putting a collage together was to look at how Cora has changed. I think it's easier to see if you take pictures in the same position/lighting/alertness/clothing. That sounds hard, so I'll just stick to taking pictures period.

Our family getaway to Santa Barabara was great. Nate's team took third place and he was thrilled to be playing ultimate again. It was fun to hear people cheer, "Bosscher!" and to cheer it myself from the sidelines. It made me feel like we're really making a home here in California. It was also a good because not only did we get to see Abby, but Matthew came up from San Diego on a train to meet Cora. Any other friends or family want to move to CA? We'd love it if you did!

I spy half a baby face
Someday I'll be tall like my daddy

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