Saturday, August 18, 2012

DC Family & Carolina Friends

We've been on vacation, so I apologize for my absence from our blog.  We celebrated my dad's retirement from the US Navy and now we're in Durham, North Carolina visiting Adrienne, Paul and Geneva.  Erin drove up from Charlotte to be with us too! Lou and I drove down from DC yesterday, leaving Ries behind with Romeo, Oliver, Sarah and Dan. Nate left mid-week for China. Oh Apple.

Louisa (16 months) and Geneva (25 months) are both awake now, so we may take off for a mini-adventure of some sort, so for now, here are some pictures!

Lou pooped right as we all got assembled for the photo, so we had to get creative

The we excused the mobile babes and took a sibling + Oliver photo

Sharing a peach at the Durham farmers' market

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