Thursday, August 2, 2012

On Sale Today!

Nate's been bugging me to buy Loubear a kiddie pool for the back yard, so I finally did it today. I found one on Craigslist for $10, but that didn't seem cheap enough, considering that I would have to drive to Mountain View to pick it up. I also saw an ad for a free one, but it had a hole that the seller thought maybe I'd want to patch? Um, no thank you.

After some online shopping (ie, googling "rigid plastic kiddie pool") I wasn't coming up with much (in my price range) until I stumbled upon a suggestion to buy a doggie pool. Sure enough, our local PetSmart (1.36 miles west) had them in stock and ON SALE! How much, you might ask? Regularly $9.99 but on sale today for $7.99. That it what the PetSmart employee proudly announced when I asked where they were. What a steal.

Lou must have know what it was because she got excited when we bought it and even dragged it from the car into the backyard. After an evening bike ride to the dog park where we met Amanda and Andrew, she finally got to take a (skinny) dip. Since we haven't been taking her to any frisbee games this summer, the least I could do is let her use a frisbee as a pool toy, right?

"Lou, show Mom the frisbee"
Trying to understand the strategy sketched out on the back of the disc

Necklaces are a favorite accessory these days

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