Saturday, August 4, 2012

Loving the Tub

Maybe it's because she's study the life of beluga whales so intently, or maybe it was the "parent and me" swim lessons, but whatever the reason, Louisa adores water.  Tonight she was being especially silly with Nate, while I vacuumed in the other bathroom...sorry about the high-pitched hum in the background....

Love to you all.  We miss you very much.


  1. I thought of Lou when I saw the video of Missy Franklin as a little girl. Did you see that? Her mother had her in baby swim lessons and she said all the other babies, when they were dunked, screamed, but Missy came up laughing and never stopped loving being in the water.

    Love you, Lou!


  2. Max likes to do the same thing in the tub- dump water on his face. He thinks it is really funny. He also like to blow bubbles in the water (which ends up being a drink 50% of the time) and wants us to blow bubbles with him. We miss you all too!
    PS Max now loves to sweep, just like his friend Lou. I bought him his own dust pan and little broom so he can help.


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