Thursday, June 14, 2012

Days 2, 3 & 4 (June 12-14)

Whoops!  Apparently this daily blog series is not gonna happen.  Here's a recap:

Tuesday:  Nate's second day at work.  He's in software training, so not much to report.  Although he would say that even if there was something to report, he can't tell you about it.  What did Lou and I do?  It's hard to say.  Ah - the money order.  Our landlord asked for a cashier's check, but upon calling our bank in Madison, I learned that obtaining one would take 1+ days.  So I asked the landlord if a money order would be okay.  Yes, he said.  Difficult still, I found, only because rent is sooooo ridiculously expensive out here so I had to get special approval from our bank to use our debit card to purchase the money order.  Ugh.  After five or six calls to our bank and a visit to two different post offices, I finally arrived at the landlord's office.  Of course he wasn't there and forgot to leave the key to our new house.  Luckily I had Lou's stroller in the trunk, so Lou, Ries and I went for a walk while we waited for him.  Monday I neglected to spend enough time at home for Lou to spend enough time in her pack-n-play, so Tuesday was different.  Once I had the key to our new home in my hand, we drove back to our apartment in San Jose and Lou took a nice long nap.

Wednesday:  Nate's third day at work.  Still training, nothing to report.  Louisa and I dropped him off at work and then came back home for the all-important nap.  She slept while I half-heartedly looked at jobs.  Then we went to check out a place I'd love to work: Cucini Bambini.  It's in Willow Glen which seems to be a very desirable place to live and a suburb of San Jose. Then we went to make sure the key to the new house worked (before making a copy) and explored the wonderful things within walking distance, including a yoga studio, park, paved bike trail, coffee shops and dog grooming studio.  All very important, right?  I actually signed up for Groupon (San Jose) while Lou as napping and bought one for the yoga studio 0.4 miles from our house.

Thursday:  Georgia, Louisa and I went the Monetery Bay Aquarium (1.25 hour drive from our apartment).  We watched her participate in the sea otter show with her co-workers from last summer.  Unfortunately Louisa liked the steps in the deep sea exhibit better than the deep sea creatures, but it was still a fun day.  From Monterey we drove to Santa Cruz (1 hour drive) to drop Georgia off at a friend's for dinner.  Then back to San Jose (45 minute drive) to pick Nate up from work.  Louisa managed to squeeze a two hour nap in during the drive from Monetery to San Jose. Nate's now giving her a bath while I write and drink a glass of two-buck-chuck.  It's great that it's actually two bucks here in California!  Whew.  Just as I expected, I'm exhausted! 
Exploring the sea in little capris

Lou's nap started before the drive home

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  1. Thank you for posting these notes and photos, Alicia! I love being able to keep up with you a bit. Photos of the new place coming soon? Love you all!


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