Saturday, June 16, 2012

Day 5: Friday, June 15

Today: Anne's birthday, Nate's fifth day at work & a good day to be a stay-at-home mom. Louisa and I dropped Georgia off at a train station in Oakland so she could meet up with Fury and drive to Oregon for a tournament.  Then we went and met my friend Jess, pictured here with a rather scary spider, for a picnic lunch during her lunch break at work. 

Jess, in South America, with a really big spider
 Jess and I went to high school together and have managed to see each other about once a year since then.  She is a registered dietitian at La Clinica in Oakland (50 minutes from San Jose), although recently decided that she is moving back to Colorado to be closer to her family.  One of my favorite memories with Jess is from our post-college days.  Jess was living in Fort Collins when I was in Denver and one Saturday we were going to climb a fourteen-er, so Jess and her friend picked me up on Friday night.  When you summit a mountain over 14,000 feet, you have to start very early in the day in order to get off the summit by the time clouds/weather roll in.  Well, that wasn't adventurous enough for Jess and her friend, so they were going to hike a nearby peak in the middle of night.  I declined, as sleep was (and still is) too precious to give up like that, and slept in the car while they attempted the summit.  I think the story finishes with a dead battery in a headlamp and two 22 year-old girls coming back to the car, admitting that climbing a mountain in the middle of the night is not all it's cracked up to be.

So this visit with Jess involves no mountains or dead batteries, but it was a lovely lunch.  Afterward we drove back to San Jose, stopping at Target on the way to get Lou some croc-like shoes.  She needed some footwear that can get wet and although Target sells baby flip-flops with a back-strap, I didn't think she'd like the thong between her toes.  The crocs are cute - lime green - and she seems to like them. With that all-important errand taken care of, we went back to the apartment for a nice AC-ed nap (for Lou, not me. I watched Say YES to the Dress).  Lou's whole body was hot and she was so sleepy and cuddly all afternoon and evening.  I think she has her first fever and I kind of like it. 

After Lou's nap we picked Nate up from work and went to Whole Foods to get food for dinner.  Nate felt like steak and I wanted fish.  The salmon-burger I decided on wasn't great, but the ambiance at dinner was fantastic.  We ate outside near the apartment complex grills and I had all I needed: a sweet baby girl, a fluffy dog and Nate.
Helping Dad grill dinner
It's not cool to smile at the camera

Tomorrow: Flag Day & the day we move into our rental house.  I'll try to take some pictures of the house tomorrow!

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