Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Day 1: Monday, June 11

Georgia was out in California to practice with Fury before traveling to Japan for Worlds this summer, so she stayed with us on Sunday night.  Nate still has to learn the Apple shuttle routes, so for now, I'm driving him to and from work. While I was gone, Georgia worked on Lou's ability to emote:

On Nate's first day at Apple, Louisa, Georgia and I explored the valley.  First we showed Georgia our rental house at 235 N 2nd Street, Campbell CA and then had lunch at Stacks.  After lunch we drove to Palo Alto to check out a park with a splash pad and a dog run:

"Aunt Georgia, where's the water?"

"Oh, I guess it's not that cool anyway"
Next, we dropped Georgia off in San Carlos so she could visit with Maggie and Gordon and their girls.  Too much fun, not enough work, right?!  Well, I tried to squeeze in a money order purchase for our new landlord, but alas, it was after 5 pm in Wisconsin and our bank was closed.  More about that tomorrow...

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